What Does a Toxic Relationship Mean?  How Do We Know?

What Does a Toxic Relationship Mean? How Do We Know? +2023

Why do we take someone into our life? To be happy, to grow, to share our loneliness and many more reasons. What they all have in common is to feel better about ourselves. However, in some relationships it can be the other way around. The toxic relationship is exactly like that. toxic relationship it hurts and makes us feel bad. If you’re in a relationship where you feel bad and worn out, it can be a toxic relationship. So what does a toxic relationship mean? How do we know if we are in such a relationship?

What Does a Toxic Relationship Mean?

According to experts in the field of communication and psychology, a toxic relationship is a relationship in which people who do not support each other are in constant conflict. In a relationship of rivalry, disharmony, and disrespect, one undermines the other. Of course, every relationship has its own dynamics. It is normal to have ups and downs. However, those who are in a toxic relationship know that it is very tiring and that the unhappy moments in the relationship outweigh the happy moments. Being in a toxic relationship harms individuals mentally, emotionally and even physically. And this relationship doesn’t have to be just between you and your lover. Friendships, family relationships, or relationships at work can also be toxic.


How Do We Know There Is A Toxic Relationship?

If we learned what toxic relationship means; How do we know if our relationship is a toxic one? There is always a reason why a person harms the other party in a relationship, whether intentionally or unintentionally. This reason may also be in the depths of the subconscious. Maybe he himself was in a toxic relationship before or just didn’t get enough love. They may have been bullied or have psychological disorders. Whatever the reason, you or your partner can make your relationship toxic. So what we live How do we know if there is a toxic relationship??

You experience a lack of support. It is a source of pride to see your partner succeed in healthy relationships. But in a toxic relationship, every success turns into competition. In such a relationship, you will not receive support from your partner in your successes.

Courtesy and respect give way to sarcastic speeches and sarcastic remarks.

Although it is normal to experience jealousy from time to time; When it is constant, it can lead to doubt and distrust. If your partner has negative thoughts about your achievements, you may be having a toxic relationship.

Feeling that your every move is under control. Feeling the need to always report where you are and what you are doing to your partner and having a discussion when you are not doing this.

Stop caring about your personal care. If you are having a toxic relationship; You don’t have the energy for it.

What Are Toxic Relationship Symptoms?

When you realize that you are not in something healthy, you start to realize that you are in a toxic relationship. In order to understand this, it is important to be able to look from the outside as an eye. Because when you’re in a toxic relationship, you become paralyzed and you get used to it. Since you will be the last person to realize that you are in a toxic relationship, you should consider the warnings from your environment. If you want to review your relationships and test whether they are healthy; at work toxic relationship symptoms;

  • The most serious and most important symptom! Toxic relationships include violence and abuse. This type of violence can be psychological or physical.
  • If a relationship makes you feel anxious, unhappy, helpless instead of happy; This relationship can be a toxic relationship. You may find yourself jealous of happy couples. Such a relationship creates permanent unhappiness in you.
  • Another important issue in relationships is your personality and self-confidence. Toxic relationships harm them. As a result, you may experience depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder. If you cannot express your concerns in a relationship; means something is wrong.
  • If you’re in a toxic relationship, you may feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Because you always feel the need to take care of your partner.
  • Every lie hurts the relationship. If he lies even on simple matters, your trust will be shaken. It is not possible to maintain a healthy relationship with a person you do not trust.

How To Fix A Toxic Relationship?

So is it possible to fix the toxic relationship? How to fix? If you are experiencing the symptoms listed above in your relationship; you must act. If the damage you see in a toxic relationship is emotional or mental, you need to decide whether the problem can be resolved. And of course, both sides need to act jointly. If you have decided to solve; toxic how to fix relationship?

  • First, you and your partner must start by accepting the situation. Recognizing past behaviors that have hurt your relationship is an important step. Both parties should take their own responsibilities in making this relationship happen.
  • Both you and your partner should listen without blaming and focus on learning the underlying causes of the behavior.
  • You should be able to look at your relationship as an outside eye. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s causing this situation when you’re in a relationship. That’s why you can get professional help. You can build a healthier and lasting relationship through a neutral eye.
  • Repairing a toxic relationship takes time and patience. Get to know each other this time. Remember, your relationship did not become this way in a day and it will not improve overnight. And don’t forget to be kind to your partner in this process.
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