What Causes Constipation in Babies? What is the treatment? +2023

Our babies are the most precious treasures we have in the world. As we are with them in all their processes from infancy, we do our best to make them happy and peaceful. Just as we are happy when they are happy, we can share the same feeling with them when they are unhappy and sad. So to speak, our children, whom we value more than ourselves, can sometimes have constipation problems in some cases.

While this can become a problem in children and even older people, constipation in babies The problem can cause them to have much more troubled days. Especially if your baby is taking formula instead of breast milk, he has just started solid food, or he may have constipation problems due to the foods he eats. So, are you wondering how to solve this problem of your little baby or what causes this problem? To find out, it will be enough to read the rest of our content.

What is Constipation in Babies?

Our babies, whom we keep out of sight, can experience the problem of constipation. Although this condition is very rare in breastfed infants, it is much more common in formula-fed infants. However, it is normal for newborn babies to be unable to urinate for up to 10 days.

We would like to say that there is nothing to be alarmed about. Although constipation in babies can be annoying, remember that this is temporary. And you’re not the only mother going through this. It may make you think that he can’t urinate and push constantly, and that he can’t talk because he can’t tell his problem. You may rightly think that our baby is suffering. However, as there is a solution to every problem, there is a solution to the problem of constipation in babies. Let’s examine together what are the symptoms of constipation in babies.

What is Constipation in Babies

What Are the Symptoms of Constipation in Babies?

Constipation problem in babies It is one of the most common ailments. If you wish, let’s examine these symptoms together.

Abdominal stiffness is one of the most common symptoms of constipation in babies.

• If your baby has a loss of appetite, it probably means he is constipated.

• If large urine is smelly, then it is one of the symptoms of constipation.

• Crying and restlessness is another sign of constipation in babies.

• If he has pain and hiccups before he poops, your little one is probably constipated.

• Dry, hard and lumpy large urine is at the top of the symptoms of constipation.

• Constantly straining and flushing while straining is another symptom of constipation.

What are the Treatments for Constipation in Babies?

In your little babies constipation treatment What should be done for What treatment should be applied? Let’s examine together how to solve the problem of constipation in babies. If your baby is suffering from constipation, you can pull her legs towards her tummy to help her. Then you can make circular movements from right to left. Then you should pull your legs down and push them back towards your stomach. Another type of massage, after laying your baby on his back, is to start from the abdominal cavity, and you can massage from right to left and downwards at the same time with your hand.

In addition to these, you can also push the legs to the abdomen and make movements with a slight speed as if you are riding a bicycle. If you are tying a diaper to your baby, you can warn your baby by making small pressure on the breech part with the help of a wet wipe when you open the diaper. Finally, with the help of an ear stick, you can use olive oil to stimulate your baby’s anus. Such stimulating movements will help your baby to go to the toilet easily. Remember that you can lighten your baby’s weight a little bit this way.

What to Do to Prevent Constipation?

Constipation problem in babies can seriously bother them. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention especially during the supplementary food period. So what can you do to prevent constipation? You can continue reading for the answer to this question. Let’s take a look at what you can do together. First of all, you should pay attention to the foods you will give your baby during the complementary feeding period.

Then, if you think that the foods you will give will cause constipation, you should definitely give fruit juice with it. You can prevent constipation when you supplement with fiber foods. One of our other suggestions is that you can give a teaspoon of olive oil after meals. This way you can prevent constipation and help your baby. Another suggestion is that you can consume fruits such as apricots, apples, grapes, and watermelons during the day.

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