Welcome Spring with Cosmetics Collection +2023

In addition to home wear, underwear and beach wear collections, the new collection of cosmetics is now available at Suwen. With body sprays, lip care oil, soap, hand cream, cologne and bath products, a collection that you will not want to leave with you this summer.

Suwen’s new cosmetics collection, prepared with the taste of spring with its memorable scents, product alternatives and nutritious ingredients, will be among the indispensable accessories of women.

You will carry all the scents of spring on you with alternative body sprays, colognes, lip care oil, soap and trendy bath products.

All the scents of spring are on you all day long with Suwen body sprays.

Designed with 6 different product scents and different bottle alternatives, Suwen body sprays will complement your elegance with their floral, sweet, fruity scents and easy-to-carry designs.

Miss Coco: You can use the body spray, which combines the tropical energy of coconut and vanilla with the elegant scent of lily-of-the-valley, at any time of the day, and you can keep it in your bag at any time thanks to its easy-to-carry design.

Golden Dreamy: Golden Dreamy body spray, which you can use at any time of the day, will make you feel the energy of summer all day long with the combination of coconut, rose and vanilla scents.

Warm Vanilla: With its elegant and soft vanilla scent, amber, lily-of-the-valley and fruity sweet notes, Warm Vanilla body spray will be the go-to for elegant women this summer.

Soft Blush: The elegant harmony of orchid and coconut and its soft scent with gardenia and milk notes offer a light fragrance alternative suitable for the summer season.

Magic Love: Magic Love, which is in the foreground with its fragrance tree with floral notes in the foreground, creates a fresh feeling with lily of the valley, magnolia, amber and fruit notes.

White Crush: With White Crush, the floral touch created by the notes of bergamot, magnolia, jasmine, musk and amber, you will feel it on you all day long.

Suwen soaps will be your skin’s best friend

Suwen soaps will be your skin’s best friend this year, with different scents and valuable nourishing ingredients.

Suwen soaps that are compatible with the pH value of your skin Olive, Rose, Argan, Lavender, Coconut and Shea Butter with varieties While gently cleaning your skin, it nourishes the skin with its special oils and helps to maintain the oil-moisture balance.

Suwen Lip Oil for your lips

While Suwen Lip Oil lip oils care for your lips with their gel structure and intense moisturizing feature, they will be indispensable for women with their different scents and stick brushed lipstick form.

Avocado: Sweet almond oil provides moisture and care for the lips with its vitamin E content. It creates a flawless appearance without leaving a sticky feeling on the lips with its cotton candy scent, smooth texture and glossy effect.

Strawberry: Sweet almond oil provides moisture and care for the lips with its vitamin E content. With its strawberry scent, smooth texture and glossy effect, it creates a flawless appearance without leaving a sticky feeling on the lips.

A cologne collection that offers freshness and comfort

Suwen cologne collection, which gives a feeling of freshness and spaciousness with its carefully selected scents, will be with you all day long with its specially designed bottle.

Colorful bathtubs with Suwen Bath Bomb

Suwen Bath Ball, which creates colorful foams by dissolving in water with its specially designed form, creates a visual feast and also provides the care your body needs with its lavender, rose and olive flowers.

Soft and well-groomed hands

Suwen Hand Cream Moringa, thanks to its special formula developed with vitamin E and oils, moisturizes and nourishes your hands, while leaving a fresh feeling on your skin with the pleasant scent of the special moringa flower.

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