Wednesday sets new Netflix record for most hours in a week, beating Stranger Things 4


Wednesday sets new Netflix record for most hours in a week, beating Stranger Things 4 +2023

Netflix has found its niche with supernatural shows! The new series Wednesday broke the streamers record for most hours watched for an English language show in a single week, dwarfing the mammoth numbers watched by stranger things season 4

The streaming giant reports that Tim Burton’s teen fantasy series has been streamed to over 50 million homes since its debut on November 23.

Directed by Jenna Ortega in the eponymous role, the show features a large cast and follows the infamous Addams daughter in her early years at Nevermore Academy.

The Netflix hit immediately garnered a large following and sparked fan accounts over 17,000 followers on Twitter, TikTok cover of the spooky choreography on Wednesday at her school’s ball and naval wars.

According to Netflix the latest top 10 datawhich runs from November 21-27, the series has taken first place with over 50 million households watching it for 341.23 million hours stranger thingswho previously held the record at 335.01 million hours.

stranger thingsThe impressive viewership of was only noticed at the end of the first full week, from May 30th to June 5th, after debuting on May 27th. However, the first few days also broke records on Netflix, marking the biggest premiere weekend ever for an English-language series (Beating Bridgeton) with 286.79 million hours watched in its first weekend on Netflix.

Following Wednesday is on the chart 1899 with 87.89 million hours watched, The crown Season 5 is the fourth and final season of with 87.89M hours watched dead to me with 33.33 million hours watched and Pepsi, where’s my jet? with 14.16 million hours watched.

About the Thanksgiving Holidays, the fantasy film slumberland, which premiered on November 11, moved up to No. 1 on the English-language list with 45.43 million hours watched and appears on the top 10 list in 93 countries. Next, The Noel Diary ranks second with 36.27 million hours viewed the swimmers 3rd with 22.48 million hours watched.

Florence Pugh follows in fourth and fifth place The woundr and Lindsey Lohans In love with Christmas.

Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix.

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