Wedding nails – ideas for your wedding in the gallery +2023

For many, the wedding day is the most beautiful day in life or at least one of the most beautiful! On such a special day everything should be perfect: the wedding cake, the bridal bouquet, the decoration and of course the outfits of the bridal couple. In addition to a wedding dress (or two-piece suit), the bridal hairstyle and the jewelry, the nails also want to look well-groomed – after all, they are also the focus of the ring exchange.

Wedding nails – professional styling

If the bride wants manicured nails and a suitable and unusual design for the wedding, she should preferably put herself in professional hands and make an appointment in a reputable studio. Preferably a studio that she already knows and has tried to avoid nasty surprises so close to the wedding day. Some studios also offer a (free) trial nail!

Wedding nails – the perfect nail design

Whether French manicure, romantic patterns or subtle nail polish with a little glitter – what the bride likes is worn. The beautiful ideas for wedding nails in our picture gallery show how diverse the designs can be! In addition to the color, you can also choose between different applications such as:

Wedding nails – the colors

Most of the time, the wedding dress plays the main role in the bridal look, and of course the rest such as hair accessories, make-up and fingernails should match. Colors that are always spot on are e.g. B. white, nude, pastel tones, but also accents in gold or with glitter complement the outfit optimally. If you want an eye-catcher, you can also paint the nails in bright colors such as coral or choose a charming ombre design. A beautiful combination of French Nails and Ombre are baby boomer nails!

Bridal nails – what you can do

Well-groomed hands and fingernails are of course not only important at the wedding. You can properly care for your nails and hands beforehand – this is how you can easily get beautiful fingernails and here we will show you how the French Nails succeed! Here is help for brittle nails.

Of course you can also do your own nails for the wedding. Test your desired look beforehand and practice it a few times so that you don’t have to stress about it before the wedding – but can concentrate fully on your special day.

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