We try before you buy: These beauty novelties are ideal for your wedding +2023

We try before you buy
Perfect for a wedding? It’s these beauty novelties

 The BRIGITTE beauty editorial team took a closer look at these beauty products.

The BRIGITTE beauty editorial team took a closer look at these beauty products.


Are your wedding bells ringing soon for you or your best friend? The BRIGITTE beauty editorial team took a closer look at five products and tells you why they are the perfect addition to a wedding look.

There’s that one day in a woman’s life when all the beauty gods must be invoked for a great complexion and a gorgeous smile: the wedding. We have here for you which products can give you that extra something.

Stressed, sallow skin? Not with me

A rejuvenation just before the wedding season and without surgery?  Editor Ilka agrees and tests Lancôme's Rénergie HPN 300 Peptide Cream.

A rejuvenation just before the wedding season and without surgery? Editor Ilka agrees and tests Lancôme’s Rénergie HPN 300 Peptide Cream.


Product: Rénergie HPN 300 Peptide Cream by Lancôme.
Price: approx. 109 euros
Promise: Regeneration faster than the skin ages – with this claim, Lancôme makes you want your new cream. 300 types of peptides in combination with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide should strengthen the skin barrier, regenerate and tighten the skin.
Optics: The cream comes in the classic purple jar, but with one crucial difference to previous models. The Rénergie HPN 300 Peptide Cream was filled in a refillable jar. This innovation reduces packaging waste.
Effect: So close to the wedding season, you really don’t dare to make any changes to your beauty routine, the fear of intolerance is far too high. However, the Rénergie HPN 300 Peptide Cream is suitable for all skin types with its mild formulation. What is unique, however, is that it uses the highest concentration of 300 bioidentical peptides that has been used in a care product to date. Pigment spots are actively reduced and small wrinkles are tightened thanks to the hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.
Wedding essential, because: Whether you are a guest or a bride, you want to look your best at a wedding. For me it starts with the skin. That’s why I treat myself to a little more luxury before a big event. The Rénergie HPN 300 Peptide Cream is rich but not too greasy, so it suits my combination skin well. After just two weeks, I can see that my complexion looks smoother and my pigment spots are diminishing. After four weeks I discover a fresh glow, but I still can’t see any difference in the deep-seated wrinkles. My conclusion: A great intensive care!

Brushed for an even complexion

Elf Camo Color Corrector

These colorful correctors are supposed to neutralize discolouration? Melanie tests this for dark circles under her eyes and pimples.


Product: elf Camo Color Corrector
Price: 5 euros
Promise: Long-lasting color corrector with hyaluronic acid. The highly pigmented formula is lightweight, dries matte and doesn’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types. The peach tone corrects bluish discolorations (e.g. dark circles), yellow brightens and green neutralizes red areas (e.g. pimples).
Optics: The simple plastic bottle feels high quality. The screw cap works optimally and allows a clean application.
Effect: For me a corrector only makes sense if it has a thin texture. Because it’s an extra step before complexion products, too thick a consistency can cause products to settle into creases and look cakey. The Corrector by elf completely fulfills this criterion: the wafer-thin formulation can be blended in wonderfully with the fingers and melts into the skin. The medium opacity is optimal for me, because I have the problem with more pigmented products to cover the color of the corrector with the foundation – that completely misses the point. The corrector dries after a minute or two – that could be a little faster for me. Under the eyes, where I tested the peach and yellow shades, the matte finish is sufficient. However, the green corrector I tested over pimples shifted a little when I applied my base product over it with a brush or sponge. Here I would wish for an even more matt result that dries faster and then no longer moves at all.
Wedding essential, because: The less make-up you wear, the less it can slip or wear off over the course of the day. A corrector helps with exactly that: By neutralizing the discolouration, you need a much thinner layer of concealer and foundation. This makes the end result look more natural and last the whole wedding day.

Shining rosy on the big day

Editor Stella tested Chanel's Baume Essential.

Editor Stella tested Chanel’s Baume Essential.


Product: Baume Essential by Chanel
Price: about 42 euros
Promise: Chanel’s “Baume Essential” is said to provide a subtle luminosity to the face through a moisturizing effect. As a result, the soft shade of pink is not only an eye-catcher on the cheekbones, but should also be particularly suitable for the lips, eyelids, the bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow.
Optics: The rouge with highlighter particles comes in a stick format in a high-quality packaging. Thanks to the practical packaging, it can be applied directly to the skin.
Effect: This product delivers on its promise and provides a natural and radiant finish for day and night. The texture also blends beautifully with the skin – I love that.
Wedding essential, because: If you prefer a naturally radiant finish, you should definitely not do without this product on your big day. The highlighter brings the make-up to the point by being usable on the whole face and lets the bride shine in her naturalness.

Hydrates lips — day and night

Editor Linda tested the Kylie Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Mask.

Editor Linda tested the Kylie Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Mask.


Product: Hydrating Lip Mask by Kylie Cosmetics
Price: about 25 euros
Promise: The secret weapon against dry lips: a mask! The delicate balm with a subtle scent of roses is supposed to moisturize the lips so that they ultimately glow very supple.
Optics: The balm comes in a small jar. Fits in every bedside table, but also in every handbag.
Effect: Apply a small layer before bed and the miracle begins! Vitamin E hydrates, while pomegranate extract helps seal in lips’ natural moisture.
Wedding essential, because: everyone wants to have soft lips on the big day — and especially the big moment before the marriage is sealed with a kiss. Whether for more shine in between or overnight so that the lipstick fits better the next day: try it out!

Preparation for the inside and outside

Natural face lift?  Bring it on!  Hannah treats herself to the Holistic Facesculting Facial from Holistic Vibes Of Life.

Natural face lift? Bring it on! Hannah treats herself to the Holistic Facesculting Facial from Holistic Vibes Of Life.

© PR / @Holistic Vibes Of Life

Product:holisticFacescultingFacial from holistic vibes of life
Price: 75 minutes, approx. 150 euros
Promise: are holistic facials the natural alternative to botox? Jane from holistic Vibes Of Life is convinced of this – and so am I after my treatment. The special treatment ensures healthy blood circulation in the skin and visibly tightens the face – without any needles!
Effect: After an exciting preliminary talk, in which I was informed about the background and the goal of the treatment, we start. My face gets massaged, massaged, and massaged. During her treatment, Jane individually addresses tension, blockages and my tissue in order to achieve the best result for me. She has the right tool for every area – from the classic Gua Shaabove cupping sets, to the brand new lymph brush. The focus here is on individual advice and treatment. No treatment is the same.
Wedding essential, because: On your big day, you understandably want to look your best. Naturalness is my focus. So I do everything to ensure that my appearance is optimally prepared, after all I want to feel as comfortable as possible in my own skin – even without make-up! The holisticFacescultingFacial is the perfect time-out that not only gets me in the right mood for the big day, but also my inside. After the 75 minutes – in which I dozed off several times from sheer relaxation – I feel like a new person! But I don’t just feel a change on the inside, my face also looks visibly tighter and has one glowwhich I last had in the sun after my three-week holiday.

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