We try before you buy: December product favorites tested +2023

We try before you buy
5 beauty innovations in the test

Our editors test four new beauty products, perfect for Christmas.

Our editors test four new beauty products, perfect for Christmas.


Christmas is approaching and with five new products from the world of beauty we’re once again providing the appropriate pampering program before the family celebration under the Christmas tree. Also included this time: the Freiöl body lotion “Hydrate” and the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque from Kiehl’s.

This year, our editors are not only giving presents to their loved ones. We tell you our absolute must-haves for the winter, which we simply gave ourselves.

Soft skin for days

free oil hydrate body lotion

Especially in winter, Melanie’s stressed skin benefits from moisturizing body lotion.


Product: Freiöl body lotion hydrates

Price: 9.95 euros

Promise: Demonstrably increases the moisture content of the skin for 24 hours, smoothes rough areas and regenerates the skin’s protective barrier

Effect: Thanks to its rather thin consistency, the body lotion can be spread quickly and is immediately absorbed by the skin. This is exactly why I thought it wouldn’t keep my skin hydrated for long, but I was convinced otherwise: Even after a day and hours in the cold, my skin was still supple and didn’t feel dry. I particularly like that the body lotion is formulated with jojoba oil and vitamin E, which strengthens the skin barrier. Glycerine, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid noticeably increase the moisture content of the skin. The lotion is gently scented.

Christmas must-have because: The cold and heated air in winter can put a strain on our skin. A strong skin barrier is essential to avoid dry patches and psoriasis. I don’t feel comfortable in my skin without a good body lotion – if I apply lotion after a shower, the smooth feeling has to last until the next time! Especially in winter, my lotion has to be absorbed immediately so that I can wrap myself up warm again.

Start the new year with clear skin

Beauty editor Ilka declares war on her large pores and tests the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque from Kiehls.

Beauty editor Ilka declares war on her large pores and tests the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque from Kiehls.


Product: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

Price: about 23 euros

Promise: Even skin thanks to clay – sounds promising, especially with my slightly enlarged pores. I’ve used clay in the past to pull oil and dirt out of my pores, but I haven’t been 100% satisfied with the results of other masks.

Effect: The mask is thick, but can be easily applied to the skin. It dries quickly, creating an exciting feeling on the skin. The skin tingles slightly, but there is no burning. After about ten minutes, the mask can be washed off with warm water. The remains are easy to remove. After the second application, the first underlying layers came up – I’m thrilled. But watch out: If you have sensitive skin, I would do a skin compatibility test beforehand.

Christmas must-have because: I usually have relaxed skin, but for the past few years it’s been going crazy in the wintertime, so it needs a little more care. My pores are particularly widened by the mask, which is why cleansing masks are among my constant companions.

Saves any make-up

Savior for every makeup?  Editor Julika tests the "The POREfessional: Super Setter" by Benefit.

Savior for every makeup? Editor Julika reviews Benefit’s The POREfessional: Super Setter.


Product: The POREfessional Super Setter by Benefit

Price: about 35 euros

Promise: Setting sprays that are uncomfortable on the skin and make-up sticky are a thing of the past! Benefit’s fixing product is designed to make the foundation last for at least 16 hours, but also to soften the pores and feel light as a feather.

Effect: Just as you try out the Christmas outfit a few days beforehand, the make-up look is also tested and then fixed with the POREfessional Super Setter – and it lasts. The spray is very fine and spreads evenly over the face. The make-up lasts and looks more even without me noticing it.

Christmas must-have because: Between last-minute gift shopping and singing under the Christmas tree, I don’t want to worry about my carefully applied beauty look slipping or unnaturally shining in the glow of the lights.

Goodbye dark circles!

We try before you buy: 5 beauty innovations in the test


Product: Future Cream All Over Concealer by Milkvia zalando.de

Price: about 30 euros

Promise: The concealer promises medium to high coverage. It should not only cover redness, impurities and dark circles, but also provide plenty of moisture and strengthen the skin barrier.

Effect: The product convinces right from the first application. The pointed applicator allows me to target the product to my skin without using too much product. Especially with my dry skin, concealer often settles and doesn’t look fresh for a short time. With the concealer from Milk one waits in vain. Of the Concealer stays put and looks fresh even after hours in the cold fresh air.

Christmas must-havebecause: The nights can be pretty short, especially during the Christmas season. A good concealer is an absolute MUST! The Future Cream Alles Over concealer from Milk convinces with the perfect mixture of strong coverage and natural finish.

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