We signed in Lefties a knitted dress to be faithful to the style of Sara Carbonero +2023

After being the center of media attention due to an emergency operation, Sara Carbonero has finally returned to her routine. The journalist has published an image of her on her social networks that she defends that, now, Saturdays are dedicated to seeing how her children play soccer. To deal with the cold of the capital on a gray day, nothing better than a warm knitted dress that combines with cowboy boots and a thick scarf.

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When seeing the image, the first thing we thought is that the dress was made of slowlove. In this way, we have taken between zero and nothing to open the firm’s website. The surprise has been that we have not found this striped dress in the brand’s catalog (perhaps it is part of a collection that is yet to come, who knows), so we had to look for another alternative.

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Lefties ribbed knit dress. €17.99.

Ribbed knit dress

Ribbed knit dress

At Lefties we have hunted for a knee-length ribbed knit dress with a high neck that It seems to be super warm and it is very easy to combine. Available in taupe, vanilla, and pink, this dress is a hit with UGG boots, dark tights, and a shearling vest. Among all its advantages, the price also stands out: 17.99 euros.

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