We signed in El Corte Inglés the high boots that Virginia Troconis wears with modern black stockings +2023

Stockings not only protect us from the cold but have become the most chic accessory to complete winter looks with more style. If you love wearing dresses, skirts or shorts, tights are essential, but there are also special designs with a lot of prominence that can make a look more sophisticated or more modern. Virginia Troconis has shown it to us in the last look that she has shared on Instagram. A practical and elegant style that has been completed with the most rejuvenating cowboy boots. and that more stylize the legs.

Nuria Roca knows how to wear the coolest sleeveless coat better than anyone: with Zara jeans and country boots

Virginia Troconis has given us an idea to go to the office tomorrow (or any other plan) with a great look. Chic, refined and comfortable, this is how we could describe her outfit of a black skirt with high boots and fantasy stockings. Super cool!

Virginia Troconis

Virginia Troconis has combined the black stockings like nobody else. In her case they are from Calzedonia and they have some stamped words that break with the classy style of the whole set a short black skirt with darts at the waist and a cardigan in purple and maroon tones, a stylish way to wear black stockings in winter. She has also rounded it off by combining it with high cowboy boots. And not just any.

Virginia Troconis’s cowboy boots are the most elegant and are in El Corte Inglés

Virginia Troconis’s cowboy boots have a powerful slimming effect on the legs Since its cane is tall and wide, it also has a side band that gives it a more elegant point. They are from the Spanish firm Micuir and stand out for their coconut-effect print.

They seem black but at El Corte Inglés we have found them in an elegant garnet, just as versatile but more special. It is a timeless, feminine and sophisticated purchase that offers a thousand possibilities to wear and combine them. Its heel is wide and 5.5 cm, therefore quite comfortable and sensible to wear on a daily basis. They are lined and their sole is non-slip.

coconut high boots
El Corte Inglés (001003052401449), €279.95

These boots are ideal:

  • With short skirt and black stockings as Virginia Troconis proposes.
  • Being of a wider cane are TOP with leggings and any loving sweater, or over basic skinny pants.
  • With all kinds of dresses, from knitted midi to flowing lengths with prints more typical of Autumn/Winter.
  • With midi skirts and thick stockings so as not to get cold at all.
  • They are also worn with flared jeans for a folksy look. Add a printed blouse or jersey.
  • These types of boots also look great with culottes: infinite leg effect and NOTHING cold.
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