We should do these beauty faux pas more often

We should do these beauty faux pas more often +2023

Unwashed hair + Co. 10 beauty mistakes we should definitely make more often

Beauty mistake: woman with a bun and unwashed hair

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Everyone makes mistakes. But what many people don’t know is that not every beauty mistake is actually one! We reveal which beauty rules you should break more often – because it’s good for you.

We constantly have to deal with things in everyday life that we shouldn’t be doing. To be honest, not all mistakes have to be bad. But on the contrary. We tell you which beauty mistakes you should make more often.

Beauty faux pas: We should make these supposed mistakes more often

1. Not washing hair

If we’re being honest, we’ve all missed the time when our hair was in dire need of a wash. What the hell! In fact, doing nothing for a few days isn’t all that bad for our hair and scalp. Instead of stressing both of them with frequent washing, you give them a little rest by taking a break from shampooing, and the oil on the scalp even cares for them. Also: You can delay your washing rhythm in the long term if you let your hair be greasy. So please don’t be ashamed. Unwashed hair is way better than you ever thought!

2. Don’t exfoliate lips

Do you hate chapped and dry lips? We can understand that. But while we may think exfoliating would fix the situation, sometimes it makes far more sense to just leave it alone. What your lips need most is moisture. Exfoliating only treats the symptoms, not the cause. So instead of rubbing your lips 24/7, you should rather rely on intensive care. How about a honey mask? Simply apply a thick layer of your favorite honey to your lips, place a piece of plastic wrap over it and leave it on for 15 minutes.

3. Don’t pluck your eyebrows

Eyebrow plucking is one of the most annoying things in the world, but it has to be. Or? If you don’t want wildly overgrown brows, you should pluck your eyebrows properly. And regularly. However, sometimes it can work wonders if you don’t do it. Not only are natural brows totally in trend anyway, you can finally let your gaps grow out or give your brows a new shape by taking a break from plucking.

4. Cat wash in the morning

After getting up, many people start the day by cleaning their face. Often with cleansers and cleaning products. This need not be. More precisely, it is unnecessary. If you remove your makeup properly in the evening and cleanse your skin, there will be no dirt on your skin in the morning. Only the oil that she has produced herself. It is quite enough to remove it with a gentle micellar water or just a little water. It also saves time (which is precious in the morning)!

5. Do not use eyeshadow base

Do you wear eyeshadow every day? Then nothing will work for you without a base. Have you ever considered not using a base? It works just as well with your concealer. Simply put a little product on your lids, spread it out with your fingers, a brush or a beauty sponge and then apply your eyeshadow as usual. This not only evens out veins and redness on the eye, but also keeps your eye make-up bomb-proof. If you haven’t tried it yet, then it’s about time. This saves you at least one product in your suitcase for your vacation.

6. Throw away eyeshadow applicators straight away

You’ve probably noticed that many eyeshadow palettes still have the unpopular, rock-hard applicators in them. For many of you, they probably go straight to the bin – and that’s wrong. Sure, you definitely can’t blend eyeshadow with the applicators, but you can use them to apply great shimmer eyeshadow on the movable lid or in the inner corner of the eye. They come out much stronger and more pigmented thanks to the hard applicator. You can also use them for glitter pigments. In the future, think twice about whether you really want to throw away the unloved beauty helpers. We wouldn’t do it…

7. Don’t powder concealer

We all struggle with concealer collecting in the creases under the eye. What helps? Many swear by powder to set concealer or even the baking method. Then the product usually stays in place, but the eye area looks like the Sahara in midsummer: dried out. You can prevent this by simply not using powder. Using a brush or sponge, apply your concealer under the eye as you normally would—but don’t use too much product. And yes, then the concealer will initially settle in the wrinkles. To prevent this, use a flat concealer brush to repeatedly remove the product from your eye wrinkles by simply wiping the brush lightly through the wrinkles. You then do this over and over again until you’re done with your make-up – about four to five times in total. We promise you, the concealer won’t settle afterward because there’s no excess product left. And of course you look fresher than ever.

8. Don’t paint over your eyebrows

You can no longer imagine not drawing your eyebrows? Natural brows are so beautiful! Especially in summer, when you don’t wear heavy make-up, you should try just coloring your eyebrows instead of tracing them every day with a pencil or pomade. It looks much fresher and summerier. If you can’t do without a little product, then just comb them with a gel in the form – that’s enough. We promise you will love this look!

9. Not shaving armpits

Have you ever had small red pimples under your armpits? Anyone who shaves every day will certainly know this. Even in summer you should refrain from reaching for the razor every day. As a rule, the stubble is much too short to be shaved again. The result: sore armpits. Every two days would be better – and if in doubt, just wear a shirt that covers your armpits on day two. So you can hide small stubble and still feel comfortable.

10. Not wearing blush

Is your make-up not fresh enough without blush? That’s just what you think. Especially on warm days you can easily do without a blush in the morning – and instead just use your bronzer on your apple cheeks. Because it makes your look look super fresh and kissed by the sun. A simple method to conjure up a little tan and freshness on your face, even on holiday. So, say goodbye to your pink blush. We much prefer wearing bronzy tones on our cheeks. Yay!

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