“We Know the Truth” – “Harry and Meghan” drop two volumes of truth bombs +2023

No sooner did the official teaser take the crowds by storm than Netflix’s Harry and Megan has now released its official trailer. Upon first glimpsing the highly-anticipated docu-series, the royals seemed concerned about the new future. Now that the trailer is finally here, the “declaration of war,” as the pundits call it, doesn’t seem far off.

Nobody knows the full truth‘ as Harry says in the trailer. However, there’s always a drastic, chilling fear of history repeating itself. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex talk about it all and tell their story themselves from their own perspective. From start to finish, Harry and Meghan will reach us with their two full-length installments of the series.

The official Netflix trailer reveals the royals’ war against Harry and Meghan

The six-episode series has already landed on our doorstep. Prudently, crowd curiosity has broken all records, and everyone sits on the edges of their seats to eavesdrop on the royal mysteries. Prince Harry starts the trailer with the question on everyone’s mind. “what happened on earth‘ asks the prince, and the mystery unfolds.

As heavenly as it all felt at the grand royal wedding at St George’s Chapel in 2018, things went downhill for the couple afterwards. With massively uncanny similarities between Princess Diana and Meghan Markle, the self-exiled couple recounts the incidents brewing behind the walls of Buckingham Palace. The beginning of the minute-long trailer showed Markle rising to fame and glory with the nickname “Royal Rockstar”.

And then everything changed‘ within a snap of his fingers and Markle gestured.

Announcers in the trailer confirmed that The Firm had declared war on Markle to “conform to other people’s agendas.A series of ugly hate and racism propaganda in the castle followed. The prince himself refers to it as “dirty game‘ in which they were stuck. As the segment went on, it brought more insight into the pain and suffering of women who married into the institution.

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With frenzied fans hovering over Markle just as happened with Princess Diana, the Sussexes seem to have stripped the palace of all its deep-seated secrets. The video ended with Harry promising to tell the full truth to his audience on the series. That Six episodes will be broadcast in two volumes, with the First drop on the 8th, this Thursday, and the the second will reach viewers on December 15, 2022.

So are you all ready to hear the full truth about the British royal family exclusively? Netflix? Share your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below.

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