We have found the red lipstick with which Tamara Falcó elevates her makeup to the maximum +2023

The power of a red lipstick is unquestionable. She has the ability to completely change a look and elevate it to the maximum and Tamara Falcó knows that like no other and, from time to time, she pleasantly surprises us with this type of detail.

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Thus, in one of her last interventions in El Hormiguero in which she wore an ideal Pedro del Hierro blouse, she also delighted us with a detail that addicted beauty we couldn’t miss: the beautiful red color of her lips. And, how could it be otherwise, we had to know what it was because it is one of those classic shades, which many of us call Hollywood red, which are beautiful and look good on everyone.

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Well, nothing like going to your make-up artist, to Sofia Alonso that revealed to us the secret that we all wanted to know: it is about the Phyto-Lip Twist MAT of sisleyspecifically in the tone 18 Tango, which combined with a profiler of the same brand, the #17 Ruby (31.50 euros).

These lipsticks they are really balms with intense color and matte finish that leave the lips smooth, soft and very defined thanks to a mixture of active ingredients. Come on, in addition to giving that beautiful color, it takes care of our lips, something that many of us look for and more so now in winter that our lips suffer more from low temperatures.

It is a real crush, ideal for all the parties and events that are to come and that we find at a price of 31.50 euros.

SISLEY Phyto Lip Twist Mat

SISLEY Phyto Lip Twist Mat

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