Watch Kaavia Union sing Wade at Alicia Keys karaoke night


Watch Kaavia Union sing Wade at Alicia Keys karaoke night +2023

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and Kaavia James Union Wade at the premiere of Disney's

Image source: Getty/Gilbert Flores

This girl is on fire! Gabrielle Union recently shared an Instagram video of her persistent 4-year-old daughter Kaavia singing her heart out to Alicia Keys at karaoke. “Who is this little karaoke 👑 and what did she do with @kaaviajames?!?! I can’t,” Union wrote on the Nov. 28 performance with dance break. She also channeled her inner snow queen with Frozen’s “Let It Go” after promising the crowd that she would “get this party started.”

As it turned out, the young karaoke queen’s cover was so captivating that it finally got to Keys himself. In a Nov. 30 interview with E! news, the award-winning singer-songwriter, responded to Kaavia’s rendition of the 2012 hit and said the performance meant so much to her as an artist. “That’s all,” Keys said while watching the video. “This is the greatest, most beautiful gift.”

Keys said it’s an honor to see someone as young as Kaavia feel so empowered by her own song. A performance with so much wit is reminiscent of the impact music can have. “When you create music, I think you create it because first of all you have something to share and then you want people to feel it. So when these little girls and boys and grown people sing ‘Girl on Fire’ with so much conviction and so much love, it reminds them that they’re powerful, they’re possible, they’re burning,” Keys said. “I didn’t have any I had no idea it would have that effect on so many people – but it does, it makes me feel not only powerful but humbled.”

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