Viva Magenta is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 +2023

A close relative of Carmine, Crimson Red or Deep Raspberry, viva magenta, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 exudes a sense of va-va-vum. Likened to “a fist in a velvet glove” by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Viva Magenta’s beauty lies in its ability to playfully position itself on either side of apparent opposites. In fact, color is bold enough to break with form while remaining welcoming, accessible and surprising in a variety of contexts and uses.

“It’s a nuanced shade of crimson that strikes a balance between warm and cool, making it what’s called a hybrid color,” says Eiseman. “It’s bold, it’s witty, it’s inclusive… it’s an easy to hug color.”

Pantone names Viva Magenta Color of the Year 2023.Photo: Michael Marquand

Intense pink-red tones have already taken hold everywhere from the catwalk (see: Valentino’s Spring/Summer 22 show) to the metaverse, making residential and commercial spaces a natural next step. According to Eiseman, kitchens (and kitchenware) that have long respected red can be infused with “a touch of novelty” with Viva Magenta and its ability to break away from the “same old shade of red” that defined previous generations. The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year is also “beautiful” on glassware or anything else with a reflective surface, and can even make cushions or accents on tabletops make a “beautiful, dramatic and theatrical statement in the home.”

While such a vibrant color may have been considered intimidating in years past, Pantone assures consumers are more willing than ever to embrace color’s full potential. “We have been conducting ongoing studies on color word associations for years, [and] People have gotten to a point now where they’re a little bolder, where they could use a touch of color,” states Eiseman. “And a touch is no longer just a pillow to just toss on the sofa. One touch can mean a few walls.”

To help consumers approach Viva Magenta with greater confidence, Pantone has divided its 2023 color of the year into four distinct palettes: it adds a fiery pop of color to the otherwise calm, neutral Ignite palette. It brings together the full spectrum of skin tones that make up Family Ties. In Resonance, Viva Magenta adds a bit of drama to the matching rich hues, then blends seamlessly into Equilibrium’s warm palette.

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