Virginia Troconis says that leather effect culottes are worn like this in winter to look GREAT GUY +2023

Black Friday also arrives in the closets and Virginia Troconislo has celebrated with an ‘all black’ look to go out to dinner with friends. The black color is the most versatile color in fashion and a 100% safe bet in both day and night looks. We all have black clothes in our closet that combine with others of the same color or other vibrant tones. The result is always elegant and sophisticated. However, the wife of Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’ has reminded us that there is one that It cannot be missing from the wardrobe of every woman who wants to dress well, with style and in a rejuvenating way: some culottes. Blacks, of course.

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Dressing in black is synonymous with sophistication, elegance, a safe value and also stylizes us to the maximum. Virginia Troconis has added a dose of style, betting on some black culotte pants but skin effect (which we have already seen on other occasions). In addition, he has combined them in the way that triumphs in winter to, on the one hand, look great and, on the other, NOT get cold at all: with high boots. Of course, black.

Virginia Troconis

The footwear creates an effect of continuity with the pants that make the legs longer. If we add to this the flattering silhouette of the culotte pants, it cannot be seen more stylized. The best thing is that it is a fashion trick that can be easily copied by any of us and that fits all styles (and bodies).

Virginia Troconis has rounded off the look with an oversize-style sweater, also black, to create that black outfit that couldn’t be more elegant, more sophisticated and more comfortable. Remember: The total looks in black are a trend now and always, and also do not understand style or age, nor if you are brunette or blonde or if you have lighter skin or very dark eyes. It suits us all!

The faux leather culottes by Virginia Troconis

The culotte pants that Virginia Troconis has worn at her dinner with friends are a go-to item and a wardrobe staple with which we can literally create a different look for every day of the week. The culottes are characterized by having a high waist, straight hips and a flared silhouette, being cropped makes the figure much more slender. Women over 40 and 50 have them in pairs but these skin effects are the most desired of all, easy to find in stores and highly combinable. Take note:

  • They look great with blouses or shirts of any style and flat shoes, such as ballerinas, mules…
  • With high boots it is a great look and above you can add any item of clothing. For example, a tighter turtleneck sweater tucked in and a jacket.
  • If you want to wear loose clothing on top, such as an XL sweater or a sweatshirt, wear shoes that leave your ankles visible. This is a stylist trick to look more stylized. It can be second-skin effect pumps, sneakers or boots.
  • With a lingerie top and a blazer we have an evening look in 5 minutes.
  • They also look very cool and groundbreaking with track-sole boots.

Copy in low cost version (and/or discounted) the Virginia Troconis leather culottes

Culotte trousers from El Corte Inglés
Easy Wear
Lefties culottes

Stradivarius culottes
Stradivarius (01200634-I2022), €25.99

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