Victoria Federica debuts wide-legged Zara pants that look expensive and look better with black ankle boots

Victoria Federica debuts wide-legged Zara pants that look expensive and look better with black ankle boots +2023

Victoria Federica has gone to an event in Madrid with the basic look but with very luxurious shades that no woman, whatever her age, will be able to resist. The daughter of the Infanta Elena has a wardrobe of contrasts and in which almost all the trends of the moment are present. Authentic luxury garments and other low cost from brands such as Zara and Mango. For this reason, it has become a totally unexpected fashion benchmark in the last two years.

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To go to this charity event tomorrow, Victoria Federica has chosen a look in which less is more. Of course, she has not created it with any garments. No way! Many times the keys to dressing well are not putting everything on but knowing how to choose beautiful, quality clothes and combine them correctly. On this occasion, she has needed very little to shine. The best thing is that her look -with Zara as the protagonist- is as ideal for a 25-year-old woman as it is for a 40-year-old or over 50.

Victoria Federica

Victoria Federica has released a pair of Zara pants that seem to be from an expensive firm. They are not the most affordable of the firm, since they belong to the highest quality basic line of the Spanish brand, but without a doubt their investment is well worth it. These pants are cargo style but more refined and full of beautiful and special details.

The Zara pants that Victoria Federica will sell out before the sales

They are beige pants, the color that never goes out of style and that is synonymous with good dressing, mid-rise and made with a cotton blend. They have a modern touch thanks to their built-in belt with buckle and adjustable straps at the bottom of the pants. It also has patch pockets with that casual and cool style that is so popular now. Its price is 69.95 euros and for now it is available from size XS to L.

Zara beige pants
ZARA CRG 09 (8942/403)

Wide-legged pants with a ‘2000s’ aesthetic are a trend this year And, beware, they are not only worn in casual looks or with comfortable shoes, they have many possibilities in the closet. In fact, Victoria Federica has worn them with a very elegant tight-fitting black t-shirt with a turtleneck and black heeled ankle boots. You could also wear it with high-heeled shoes, track-soled boots, Converse… They are much more versatile than they seem, they also have a kind of darts that stylize the silhouette a lot.

Cargo pants are those that are characterized by being military-inspired, by having several pockets and being wide and fluid. And this is not incompatible with being elegant. obvious! They have become the great allies of women with the most style to dress in a current and modern way without compromising comfort and it is not the first time that we have seen Victoria Federica, nor will it be the last… Although the looks with cargo pants abound these weeks on social networks among influencers of all ages.

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