Vegan perfume: 7 perfumes that you can use with a clear conscience +2023

Vegan Perfume
With these 7 fragrances you do everything right

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If you are still looking for a vegan perfume but don’t know when a fragrance is really vegan, we can help. We show you 7 perfumes that you can use with a clear conscience.

One might think that perfumes are vegan. How could that have come from animals? But vegan does not only apply to food and clothing, certain odors also come from animals. Many fragrances are therefore now being imitated and manufactured synthetically – such as “White Musk” from The Body Shop, where instead of real musk the artificial variants Tonalide and Galaxolide are used. We will tell you what is so critical about musk, but also about other animal fragrances. We also show which 7 perfumes are definitely vegan.

Non-vegan substances in perfumes

  1. Musk: As a perfume fan, you should have already heard of this substance. However, the seductively effective fragrance does not come from just anywhere. It comes from musk deer, which use this pheromone to attract females. In order to get to the secretion that is in the sex glands of the deer, they have to die for it. In the meantime, however, as already mentioned, there is synthetic musk.
  2. Castoreum: Beavers use this secretion to mark their territory and have to be killed to obtain it for our perfumes, as it occurs in the genital area.
  3. ambergris: Ambergris also comes from animals, more specifically sperm whales. When they digest, they produce a secretion that is expelled when they vomit or defecate. It is then collected in the seas, then dried and processed into the well-known floral fragrance. But the animals do not have to suffer for this.
  4. Lanolin: Wool sheep produce this secretion in their sebaceous glands. Once they have been shorn, the wool is washed, the secretions extracted and mixed into perfumes.
  5. Hyraceum: Coming from the rock badger, its petrified urine is processed in such a way that the resulting pheromones can be mixed into perfumes.
  6. civet: Similar to the musk, the civet originated in the private domain of an animal, the civet cat. This produces the scent in their anal glands. Living in captivity, the substance is taken from them. In the meantime, the substance is largely produced synthetically.

These perfumes are vegan

Alien by Thierry Mugler

The heavy, sweet and above all very popular fragrance “alien” by Thierry Mugler has been one of the classic luxury fragrances for decades and is also vegan. It does not contain any animal substances, nor has the product been tested on animals. That’s how we love it! To get the most out of the perfume, spray onto your wrists and behind your earlobes from a distance of eight inches.

Fleur de l’Himalaya by Rituals

It is well known that the brand does not test on animals. Even with her scent “Fleur de l’Himalaya” they have dispensed with animal substances and created a floral perfume that is perfect for summer but can also be worn well in winter. Fragrances such as wild orchids and Himalayan peonies were used, among others.

Lilly of the Valley by Jean & Len

The perfume was created with a floral, romantic and harmonious finish “Lilly of the Valley” created by Jean & Len for all animal advocates and lovers. Of course, the product is also vegan, like everything from the brand, because it completely dispenses with ingredients that the founder Len does not use either.

Prodigieux Floral by Nuxe

It goes on with flowers “Prodigieux Floral” from Nuxe. With magnolia, grapefruit and synthetic musk, a fragrance composition has been created that only a few can resist. Especially in summer, the sensual fragrance is the perfect complement for the day and evening. Here, too, it is best to spray a small amount onto your wrists and neck towards the hairline from a distance.

Flower magic from PonyHütchen natural cosmetics

As the only solid perfume in this series, the fragrance is convincing “Blossom Magic” by PonyHütchen with his attention to detail. Because the product is not only vegan, but also handmade and even allergen-free! Alcohol was also avoided during production, as was – of course – animal testing. The solid perfume was made primarily from organic coconut oil and various unique perfume oils.

Satsuma Body Mist by The Body Shop

As already mentioned, The Body Shop was one of the first companies to use synthetic musk instead of real musk. And also with the body crap “Satsuma” contains no animal substances, making it 100 percent vegan. The light yet fresh scent of the body spray is perfect for days when we just want to smell something without being too overpowering.

Castles in the Air by Walden Perfumes

All perfumes from the Walden Perfumes brand are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and are designed to connect you with nature – like with “Castle in the Air”. Synthetic substances are a no-go for the label and so the perfume contains notes of iris as a base note, ylang ylang, magnolia and lavender in the heart and tangerine, lemon and bergamot as top notes.

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