Variations & how to wear the bowl cut today

Variations & how to wear the bowl cut today +2023

Den most of you will “pot cut” still be a concept from childhood. But what does he look like these days? We show you the modern variant of the pot cut and who does it men hairstyle can carry.

What makes the pot cut?

who in the 90s grew up will know the pot cut from his childhood. At that time the hairstyle had one typical shape: The hair has been allowed to grow long – but only to the level of the ears. From there it was cut off accurately all around. Of the The name comes from the type of cutbecause the very brave only have one Pot put on the head and shaved once around or cut – the pot cut was already done. By the way, the cut, which was primarily worn by boys, is also known by the name because of its shape “mushroom hairstyle” known.

Today the pot cut sees the most under the more modern denomination bowl cut is a term, but different.

The modern pot cut: This is how it looks today

With the English term bowl cut, not only has the name of the bowl cut become more modern, the way it is worn has also changed.

Instead of combing the hair down very accurately and cutting it straight, now will much more structure brought into the hairstyle, making the pot cut more likely “messy” works. But also a softer transition in the form of a undercuts respectively fade cuts is visible in many bowl cuts today. Above all, the hair on the back of the head and the sides are cut off less radically, thus avoiding a “helmet look”. Only the basic shape is still somewhat reminiscent of the old version.

The bowl cut is particularly interesting slightly curly hair, as worn by the actor Timothée Chalamet. But also combinations with other hairstyles such as a middle parting give the modern pot cut its very own style.

Who can wear the bowl cut?

The classic bowl cut has because of its Form the habit of making the head look plump, which is why people with rounder faces should tend to refrain from the hairstyle. However, there are also exceptions, because with a softer transition and more structure in the hair, the hairstyle is also suitable for such face types. The best thing to do here is to talk to your hairdresser and explore the possibilities individually.

The bowl cut tends to be a rather youthful look. Paired with a beard you can make this hairstyle look a bit more grown-up. More unusual beards are particularly suitable here, such as the anchor beard or toggle beard, which result in an extremely good combination with the pot cut. But a well-groomed 3-day beard or a Henriquatre soften the youthful effect of the men’s hairstyle a little.

Cut pot cut yourself, is that possible?

on Various videos are circulating on YouTube, in which men still cut this hairstyle with the help of a pot. Especially in times of Corona, when going to the hairdresser was not possible, this hairstyle seems to have been a real alternative for one or the other.

But can you really just cut your hair yourself like you used to? If you are particularly courageous, you can still stand in front of the mirror with the help of a pot, razor and scissors and lend a hand. However, you are advised to bring in another person.

Basically we have to say: For a really nice bowl cut we strongly recommend going to a good hairdresserbecause this will ensure that you don’t fall into the style of the 90s too much, cut your hairstyle clean and straight and, above all, adapt it to your face or the shape of your head.

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