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Dhe mullet is the hairstyle of the 80s – but what is it actually about and is it still modern today? We clarify!

What is the mullet?

As already mentioned, the mullet was mainly used in the 80s worn and was the trend hairstyle par excellence. Well-known figures such as the German footballer Rudi Völler wore them men hairstylebut the mullet was also popular internationally: the lead singer Bono from the world-famous band U2 and David Bowie also wore the unusual cut.

The German name of the hairstyle “mullet” is an abbreviation and explains the cut, because the word stands for “front short back long” and that’s exactly how the mullet was worn. Most often, the bangs were cut to the eyebrows, while the hair at the back of the head was left long to the shoulders. To increase the contrast even more, the sides have also been cut shorter. The was also particularly popular Combination with curls respectively perm.

Incidentally, in English the mullet is known by its name “mullet” and the hairstyle gained notoriety from the Beastie Boys’ song “Mullet Head.” In this, the band even describes the appearance in a verse: “number one on the side and don’t touch the back, number six on the top and don’t cut it wack, Jack.”

Is the mullet or mullet still modern and how is it worn today?

Now we come to an essential question: Is the mullet still modern and can a man still wear it today?

Here we have to say that the mullet is one of the fancy hairstyles heard and rarely seen in everyday life. It is mainly worn by people who are looking for an extravagant hairstyle, because this cut is sure to attract attention. It is not for nothing that America has competitions for the most beautiful style of men’s hairstyles.

Basically, however, the mullet is usually cut a little differently today. Where hair used to be extra curled in the past, now it is kept more natural today. In addition, the hair is usually left a little longer on the sides so that the contrast is not so strong. However, there are exceptions here, because sometimes you can even find him in the alternative scene with his sides shaved bald in the form of a undercuts.

Another popular variant is the so-called “Short Mullets”in which the hair at the back of the head is cut a little shorter, while the sides, the top of the head and the bangs are left a little longer.

How do you grow the mullet?

The mullet is one of the long hairstyles and is something accordingly more difficult to grow. On average, hair grows approx 1.2 centimeters a month – so you can already estimate that a mullet will take some time depending on the initial hairstyle.

In the beginning you should just let your hair grow. As soon as they get too long and ugly for you, you can go to the hairdresser for the first time. You should give yours to this one Communicate desire for a mullet. It is best to show him a photo of the desired shape. He will mainly cut the sides and the bangs for you. In addition, depending on the condition of the hair, he will also die Trim the ends of the back hair. This prevents split ends and hair breakage and ensures healthy growth. Otherwise he will keep his hair long. Over time, the hair at the back is then allowed to grow to the desired final length, while the side section and the hair on the top of the head are trimmed again and again.

As far as the perfect care of the mullet is concerned, you will find it in our article long hairstyles all important information for men.

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