Valentine’s Day Nails: How to get the perfect manicure

Valentine’s Day Nails: How to get the perfect manicure +2023

valentines day These 5 nail designs will sweeten your day of love

Valentine's Nails 2023

Valentine’s Nails 2023

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Valentine’s Day is coming! Since it’s the little details that really make a look complete, we’ll show you five nail designs that will make your day of love even more sweet.

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, we think of many things so that we can be true to the love motto: exciting lingerie, a heavenly scent or a sexy dress are often our first thoughts. But what about our nails? – They often fall by the wayside. There are so many creative nail designs that underline your romantic look. One thing is already certain: heart motifs are essential for these nail trends.

The classic: simple and elegant

In roulette, there may be some risk involved in this decision. When it comes to nail design, red painted fingernails are always the safe bet. That’s not to say they’re any less exciting, though. On the contrary: well-painted red nails that shine in the light can be quite exciting, especially on Valentine’s Day. As the color of seduction and passion, there is probably no better color for your nail polish on this day.

A swirl of red tones

Fancy a bit of a change? Then you hit the mark with the swirl trend. With red polish as a base, you can create the perfect swirl using a thin brush and other colors from the color family such as pink or bordeaux. If you like, you can give your nails an extra portion of love with little hearts.

Colorful hearts as far as the eye can see

Speaking of hearts – this nail design is really super playful. All you need are different shades of red and pink, a beige base coat color and a small brush. After you have painted all your nails with your base coat, you can now try making little hearts on your nails with a thin brush. If that’s too boring for you, you can emphasize the remaining nail tips with a red or pink polish.

Spaced out – metallic nails provide the wow effect

For those who want something more on the day of love, it is best to rely on this unearthly trend. With the help of Metallic Powder you can create this cute design in no time at all. Of course, pink or red powder is suitable for Valentine’s Day. Using a brush and base coat, draw a heart shape onto your nails – voilà, you’ve got a perfect manicure.

Every fingernail a highlight

This design is guaranteed not to be boring. Here you can play tree-change-you on your nails: You can apply a new shade of pink or red to each fingernail. Again, little hearts are welcome here. The changing color brings a cool twist to the design.


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