Valencian bullit or boiled recipe, the tastiest light and healthy dish of Mediterranean gastronomy +2023

The bullit or Valencian boiled It is a traditional dish of Mediterranean gastronomy that is characterized by being light, healthy and full of flavor. It is perfect for a dinner, or for when we feel like eating something healthy that does not fill us up much but leaves us satisfied. Although not only fancy when we are on a diet or we want to take care of ourselves a little more. It is such an easy recipe to make and so tasty, that it seems incredible that it is made only with some cooked vegetables, accompanied by a couple of hard-boiled eggs.

The recipe for this cream is perfect for a light, fast and inexpensive (as well as easy) dinner.

So that each vegetable is at its point, it is advisable to cook them separately, bringing the whole to a boil at the end of the process. We start with the green beans, trimming them and removing the lateral threads with the help of a peeler. After cook them in water with a little salt until they are al dentefor about 15 minutes.

In another casserole, cook the medium potatoes with skin together with the spring onion, for 20 minutes. When the potatoes are ready, peel them and cut into large pieces. Cut the spring onion into two halves, separating the center of each one, so that four portions remain.

Finally, in another casserole we put the carrots peeled and cut into pieces and we take the opportunity to cook the eggs with them, that we will withdraw after ten minutesleaving the carrots another five more minutes.


When the different vegetables are ready, we transfer them to another larger casserole where we will give the whole a boil, for 5 minutes so that everything is perfectly to our liking. Of course, the broths of the different cooking are perfect for making vegetable broths; soups; purees; stews and rice dishes, so we should not throw them away.

Once everything together, and after giving that last boil, we take out all the drained vegetables and place them neatly in a dish so that the bollit is more beautiful. Decorate with hard-boiled eggs cut in half, season to taste and add a good splash of extra virgin olive oil to take to the table immediately.

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