Unpleasant! Remember when Ryan Gosling was stunned when asked to play Batman? +2023

Ryan Gosling is an actor who has retained the versatility of his characters from the very beginning. Despite being part of the industry since childhood, Gosling didn’t jump at the opportunity to become part of a major film franchise. The actor has drilled deep into our minds step by step with each brilliant film selection that he is one of the most outstanding performers in the business.

Given that the actor always enjoys versatility, the indie film star was asked if he’d be up for playing Batman in the DC Extended Universe, and let’s just say his reaction wasn’t on par with Henry Cavill, who appeared on and jumped off after being selected Superman.

Does Ryan Gosling want to play Batman?

The actor has seamlessly transformed into every character he’s shot, be it a hopeless romantic or a superdoll’s boyfriend. And given the stranglehold that superhero movies have on us, fans wanted to know if Gosling would enter the DC Universe as Batman. It was 2018 when Ryan Gosling basked in the success of Neil Armstrong’s biographical film. first man. in a (n interview At the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018, Ryan Gosling had a very questioning answer when asked if he could play Batman.

The character of Batman in the DC Universe has a rich heritage. Although Robert Pattinson hadn’t designed the costume at the time, it already had the imprint of great actors like Michael Keaton, Adam West, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck.

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Given the legacy, we all expected a “I’m ready when you are” Answer to DC by Ryan Gosling. Now we can agree that expecting his eyes to light up at the mention of Batman is unrealistic.

But the actor got so awkward trying to find a respectful way to say he didn’t want to play the role that he didn’t even answer the question. Instead, Gosling shoved it into Damien Chazelle’s bucket. The irony is the fact that Chazelle isn’t even an actor. Fortunately for them la la country Actor, the director knew exactly the right answer to the question. “Neil Armstrong is the real superhero, so you know that..” Gosling may be a superstar, but he’s not one to slip into superhero costumes anytime soon.

Do you think Ryan Gosling would have done a good job as Batman? Let us know in the comments below.

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