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Unisex perfume
6 fragrances for each gender

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Which unisex perfume is the best? We have selected the six most popular fragrances.

We like to smell good! You too? Maybe you’re even looking for a new fragrance, just don’t know exactly what it should be next? A unisex perfume is the right solution. Thanks to their special fragrance composition, they are gender neutral and are therefore equally good on any skin.

What makes a unisex perfume?

Perfumes for women are floral and sweet, those for men woody and spicy? We no longer think in such pigeonholes, because ultimately everyone should wear the scent that makes them feel good. However, there are also fragrances that are considered gender-neutral because they have been infused with scents that suit either gender. Those are mostly citric and spicy components. We have selected the six most popular unisex perfumes for you.

Citrus unisex perfumes

you like it fresh and fruity? Then a citrus scent is just right for you. With scent chords like lime or grapefruit in the top and heart notes, a perfume becomes a real kick of freshness in the bottle.

Hermes “Un Jardin Sur Le Nil”

A real Evergreen among the citric scents “Un Jardin Sur Le Nil” by Hermès. Sycamore, lily, musk, incense and cinnamon can be found in the base notes, while hyacinth, calamus, lotus, orange and peony act as components in the heart. The top note closes that sparkling fragrance concert with grapefruit, green mango, carrot and tomato vine. This composition was inspired by the garden islands on the Nile near Aswan.


Invigorating – you could ÉCLAT’s “933 VIP” describe, because the powerful fragrance supplies you with the chords it uses new energy. The top notes blend pink pepper and green lime, the heart consists of Iso-E-Super, a synthetic ketone fragrance, and the base notes contain benzoin, mastic resin, musk, incense and balsamic notes.

Calvin Klein ck one

Wild, exciting, harmoniousfor the perfume “ck one” by Calvin Klein there are many adjectives to describe it. On the one hand, it impresses with its feminine floral notes, which in turn are complemented by masculine musk accents. Green tea, cardamom and bergamot provide freshness in the top note, the heart is softened by nutmeg, roses and violets and completed by ambergris and musk in the base note.

Spicy unisex fragrances

Spicy scents have something Seductive and sensual, because its warm accents trigger well-being and affection in us. Definitely a helpful scent to seduce.

“This is us!” by Zadig & Voltaire

In addition to “This is her!” and “This is him!” also has Zadig & Voltaire “This is us!” created as a gender-neutral perfume and with it a warm scent created. The description of the smell “woody” is to be taken literally here, because woody In fact, it is made possible by notes of sandalwood in the base. They are complemented by cashmer notes in the heart and vanilla accents in the head.

Guerlain Santal Royal

Breathtaking aromas await you Guerlain’s “Santal Royal”. The unisex perfume becomes the fragrance direction Oriental attributed, which a look at the perfume pyramid also proves: Jasmine and neroli buzz around each other in the head, the heart is filled with rose, peach and cinnamon and the base convinces with amber and leather notes as well as sandalwood. Hardly any unisex perfume smells like this seductive like Santa Royal.

Byredo Bal d’Afrique

“Bal d’Afrique” by Byredo has always been one of the absolute classics among perfumes. The noble fragrance has an absolute addiction potential not only in women, but also in every other gender. With the notes used, this is not surprising, because Moroccan cedar wood is just as addictive in the base as vetiver. The erotic base with cyclamen and violet in the heart and African marigold, buchu and bergamot in the head. A scent poemwhich looks good on every skin and a Homage to African cultures and whose influence should be.

Same perfume, same smell? But on the contrary!

The magic of your own body odor paired with a perfume makes you whole individual scent. Therefore, there is no need to worry that everyone will smell the same if everyone is using the same unisex perfume. Instead, the chemistry of your own body ensures that a fragrance smells different on us than on a friend or partner, for example. From a purely biological point of view, there are already differences in the smell of men and women. But even if you smell similar, it’s nice when the people around you smell just as good as you do!

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