Unforgettable Ash & Pikachu tattoos +2023

All good things must come to an end. Ash Ketchum and his loyal sidekick Pikachu bid farewell to our television screens in search of new paths in life after becoming the greatest Pokémon champions in the world. We’re not crying… you’re crying.

The very first episode of “Pokémon”, an abbreviation of the Japanese title Pocket Monsters, aired in Japan on Tokyo TV in 1997. In it, 10-year-old Ash from Pallet Town is filled with excitement at getting his first Rookie Pokémon from Professor Oak. However, after he was late for the event and all of his first-choice Pokémon were taken by others, he was left with only one option – a powerful but tenacious electric mouse named Pikachu. The two didn’t start on the best basis, but amidst their first unexpected encounter with a swarm of raging spears during a raging storm, Pikachu channels lightning to defend Ash from the attackers. From then on, the dynamic duo was unstoppable.

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