Ultrasound for the face: does the trend help smooth skin? +2023

Ultrasound for the face is said to help to combat wrinkles and pimples. But what is the truth of the myth and how much does such a device actually cost?

A device that can eliminate wrinkles and impure skin while promoting blood circulation and activating collagen fibers – Ultrasound for the face is becoming increasingly popular for small “skin problems”, if you want to call them that. But how does it work and where can ultrasound also help, in addition to wrinkles and pimples? We have the answers to your questions.

What does ultrasound do to the skin?

The skin is our largest organ in terms of area and the only thing we wear outside. Accordingly, there are always small challenges to be overcome, since, among other things, besieged by slag and radicalswill not only disrupt our regular collagen production. However, the proteins have a very special task, because they help our skin stay toned and supple.

A ultrasonic device should ensure that the waste products in your body are broken down and a self-healing process is triggered so that your skin can regenerate faster.

This allows them Collagen fibers work better and the Increase your skin’s elasticity. Ultrasound for the face does not only help with wrinkles, it can also be used to treat acne Inflammation relieved faster become and your skin itself recover immediately can. Without ultrasound treatment, this process can take a few weeks, which can be a test of patience for those affected. The purification of your skin with the help of an ultrasound device also has the advantage that Helping agents of your cosmetics can be better absorbed and thus work more effectively.

How does facial ultrasound work?

We know ultrasound from many areas, for example in pregnant women to check the activity of the fetus or from the animal world, where ultrasound waves are used to communicate. But as good as the hearing of animals is not ours, which is why we cannot hear the sound waves. These high frequencies are converted into mechanical vibrations, creating a massage effect is achieved. This in turn stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and helps with lymphatic drainage.

With help of a contact gelsthe hyaluronic acid contains, during treatment valuable stuff to preserve the elasticity of the skin smuggled in. Because of the sound waves with up to two million vibrations per second, the tissue is also thermally heated, which in combination with the mechanical heat ensures that special active ingredients picked up faster can become and such reach different tissue layers.

You can achieve different types of treatment with an ultrasound device, which then depend on the selected frequency, type of sound and intensity, such as micro-massage, heat treatment or phonophoresis.

How much does an ultrasound machine cost?

Depending on the manufacturer, the price can vary. For a positive effect it is worthwhile, as with many electronic devices, to invest a little more. Cheap models Some of them start from as little as 40 euros, but then usually don’t last that long.

With more expensive models, starting at 200 euros, you can expect even more features, more intense sound waves and multiple selectable frequencies. The selection is at high-priced devices generally larger and also the durability is significantly better.

In addition to the usual ultrasound devices, there are also those with a spatula that should help you to eliminate blackheads, so that they cannot turn into painful pimples in the first place. But be careful here, because if you press the spatula too hard into the skin, irritation may occur, which ultimately ends in inflammation. Therefore also here very much proceed gently. The big advantage here is the price, because the spatula devices usually cost no more than 40 euros.

Can you feel the waves of the ultrasound on your skin?

If you hear or read the word sound waves, you can quickly get the idea that you perceive these waves as such. But that is not the case. If you move the transducer slowly and evenly over your skin, you can feel the vibrations like a light massage which should be very pleasant. the thermal heat also helps you to relax – similar to the beautician when they put warm compresses on your face.

How to go about it

In order for an ultrasound device to achieve the right effect, a certain routine necessary, which you should always heed. It is best to proceed as follows:

  1. clean skin
  2. peeling
  3. Apply hyaluron contact gel
  4. Select ultrasound program
  5. Move slowly over the skin
  6. Final care with your skincare routine

What are the effects of facial ultrasound?

In addition to the medical field, ultrasound is also finding more and more fans in cosmetics. This is not least due to the positive effects attributed to the effect of the device. Especially when you are with your Wrinkles or pimples on the skin are dissatisfied, the ultrasound device is said to work wonders. This is mainly possible due to the following processes that your skin goes through with the treatment:

  • stimulation of the blood flow
  • Activation of collagen fibers
  • Improving skin elasticity
  • production of elastin
  • Tissue regenerates faster
  • Active ingredients can be transported more effectively into the tissue layers
  • Inflammation is minimized (acne, etc.)
  • Redness is reduced
  • lymph drainage

But not only wrinkled or impure skin benefits from the device. Even with tired skin, the stimulated blood circulation can help new color in the face care and make you look generally fresher. That’s why ultrasound is common good for poor circulation. Also can small scars treated with it and couperosebe contained.

When should you not use an ultrasound machine?

Ultrasound for the face is not suitable for everyone. This is due to the high frequencies, which are not perceptible to the human ear, but for example with a pacemaker can mess things up. Therefore should at heart diseases treatment with an ultrasound device can generally be dispensed with. Incidentally, the same applies to dental implantswho would not benefit from the vibrations. If you are unsure whether you can use ultrasound for the face, It’s best to talk to your doctor.

But what about an ultrasound treatment after a Botox injection? There is no precise information on this, but since ultrasound stimulates blood circulation and this in turn helps the Botox to break down more quickly, treatment in this case probably makes less sense. If you decide to do so, wait at least two weeks after the Botox injection before using the ultrasound machine.

Alternatives to facial ultrasound

If you don’t dare to use an ultrasound device yet, or if you prefer one manual alternative would use, there is, for example, the Gua Sha or Jade Roller. Especially at the first wrinkles both tools can help to transform your skin through a improved blood circulation to tighten up the face again. With the Guasha massage your skin upwards to combat sagging.

The jade roller can you for one gentle massage also for pimples use, just practice not too much pressure out. Also, you should use both tools clean regularly, so that old skin cells don’t spread all over your skin again the next time. Use the tools with a oil or one serumso that both can slide well.

How good are facial ultrasound machines?

With its high frequencies, ultrasound ensures a pleasant massage of the skin and not just on the face. If the skin is massaged, the blood circulation and the firmness of the skin improve in general, because your body can produce more collagen and elastin again. If your skin is free of toxins and radicals, it can regenerate more easily and absorb valuable active ingredients better. A treatment with ultrasound for the face is therefore definitely useful. Whether you try it yourself or go to your beautician or beautician is up to you.

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