Two colorful tattoo artists are making a splash at the 2nd Annual Cherry Hill Tattoo Expo +2023

What happens when an avant-garde pop color tattoo artist and a tattoo artist specializing in color realism come together at a busy three-day tattoo fair? The answer is a massive leg piece filled with vibrant, surrealistic imagery and divine feminine energy, along with a few awards in her arms on the way out.

Koral Ladna and Emmanuel Fortunato, two resident artists at Inked NYC, are no strangers to tattoo collaborations, especially with each other. Still, the task of creating a unified piece poses a challenge for both parties every time. Ladna’s style uses dreamy tones for both color-blocked and watercolor-inspired looks, while Fortunato usually favors more natural colors set in a landscape could be represented. Seeing their worlds fused together in one seamless illustration is always exciting.

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