Twitter is reminded of Meghan Markle as Piers Morgan blasts Lionel Messi for his on-field behavior +2023

The royal expert Piers Morgan I’ve never had good things to say about the Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle. He has constantly criticized the former American actress for her comments and actions against the royal family. Also the recently released Netflix documentaries Harry & Meghan could not please the journalist. Aside from his criticism of the Sussexes, Morgan is also well known on social media for his love for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Twitter users are convinced of that Morgan loves the soccer sensation as much as he hates Meghan Markle. So, as the journalist tweeted on Saturday Shadowing Lionel Messi and supporting Ronaldowere the fans reminiscent of the Duchess of Sussex. Notably, Piers Morgan blasted Messi for his on-field behavior in the Argentina game.

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Meghan Markle pops up in Piers Morgan’s comments section

In the Quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Lionel Messi lost his composure against the opponent, the Netherlands. The footballer was not satisfied with the comments of Louis van Gaal before the much-vaunted encounter and therefore criticized him after the game. Messi appeared too Criticism of referee Mateu Lahoz. After the Argentinian star’s aggressive behavior, Piers Morgan was reminded Flak Christiano Ronaldo faced similar behavior on the field a few days ago.

So he stands up for his favorite player, the The journalist attacked Messi via his Twitter handle. He wrote, “So yesterday Lionel Messi abused the referee, abused the opposing coach and abused one of his opponents. I think if Ronaldo did that it would get a little bit more media attention.” Morgan’s trolling didn’t sit well with many football fans. Like her used the name Meghan Markle to troll the journalist back.

Meanwhile, before the Lionel Messi fiasco, Morgan had took a taunt at all the royal fans who were trolling him for saying things about Meghan Markle. Many Twitter users are convinced of this Morgan doesn’t like that duchess as she once haunted him. Calling out the claims, the journalist shared a picture of his wife from their modeling days while saying how lucky Markle was.

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