Twisting the beard, variants & care tips

Twisting the beard, variants & care tips +2023

IWould you like to feel like a real emperor? Then you should take a closer look at the mustache beard, because it is not for nothing that this beard hairstyle is also called the Kaiser Wilhelm beard.

We’ll show you how to grow a mustache, how to twist it and how to care for it perfectly.

What is a mustache?

The mustache is a variant of the moustache. As mentioned at the beginning, he will too Kaiser Wilhelm beard called because it was already worn by the emperor in the 19th and 20th centuries.

This beard shape is characterized by the twisted ends of the mustache out, it also being from this beard different variants are. You can wear it with both a wide and a narrow mustache and also in combinations with others beard shapes are possible. A currently popular variant is the twisted beard together with a full beard. In the so-called hipster genre, one also frequently encounters modifications with the “hipster beard”.

Who does the mustache suit?

A twisted beard is something special and attracts attention, which is why the beard hairstyle is primarily made for men who are looking for something extraordinary and want to draw attention to themselves. The mustache will quickly become your new trademark, I promise.

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The beard is for suitable for younger men as well as for older men and the required beard growth is also limited: Since the mustache of most men grows quite well and holes rarely form there, this beard shape is feasible for many. You just need perseverance.

This is how you grow a mustache

With a twisted beard you don’t need to pay much attention to the beginning: let your mustache grow for several weeks. You can already shave off the remaining whiskers.

However, it is important that you leave enough of the beard to the side and the hair that grows over your lips is essential for styling and must not be shaved off.

As soon as the Whiskers palpable over your upper lip enough, it will be interesting. Once this hair has reached a certain length, you can start using your most important tool: the mustache wax.

Beard wax (also called beard wax or beard pomade) consists of different oils and beeswax, although there are also vegan alternatives. It ensures that your beard stays in shape and you can twirl it. Beard wax is available in different strengths, although you should use a slightly stronger one to start with, as the hair is still quite short and needs more support. By the way, many mustache wearers swear by Hungarian beard wax.

Twirl the beard

Before you twirl your mustache, you should style it with a comb through lightly with a fine comb – this ensures a clean shape. Next, use your fingernail to scrape a tiny bit of wax out of the jar and rub this between your index finger and thumbuntil it becomes soft. After that, you can start twirling your beard.

However, it is not just the hair on the tips that is particularly important here, but the entire mustache. The hair, which is in the middle of the mustache, gives the twisted mustache its volume. So work from the inside out; so that there is a small parting in the middle. Once you have reached the end of the mustache with your fingers, you can twirl the hair between your index finger and thumb.

Care for the mustache properly

In order to leave a lasting impression on those around you, the mustache needs a lot of attention. Daily cleaning and combing is particularly important, but you should also pay attention to other aspects.

  • Cut the beard regularly: Even a mustache gets too long at some point and looks unkempt. The longer the hair above the lip, the more voluminous the beard will be. So you have to trim regularly here. You can use beard scissors or even nail scissors to trim it. It is best to cut into the beard from below, because if you trim horizontally, the beard will look very unnatural.
  • Clean the mustache: Since you will probably shape your mustache every day with beard wax, thorough cleaning is essential. Lukewarm water is sufficient for daily cleaning. You should also use some beard shampoo two to three times a week. However, be careful not to use it too often, as shampoo removes the skin’s natural sebum and thus promotes drying out and the formation of dandruff.
  • Choose the right beard wax: Beard wax is available in different strengths. Here it is important to find the right product for your needs. If your beard is particularly stubborn, try a slightly harder wax. at
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