TROLLS! Jennifer Lawrence is getting backlash from Twitter amid controversial statement +2023

Jennifer Lawrence

From Kanye West feeling the need to go on stage and interrupt another celebrity to talk about Beyonce, to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock when he was talking about Jada Smith; Celebrity comments on top of each other usually don’t end well. And that’s why when you have a show called Actors on Actors, it’s bound to give the audience some juicy moments. The last issue with Jennifer Lawrence turned out to be juicy indeed.

The recent Variety’s Actors on Actors interview featured Viola Davis and Jennifer Lawrence. Both acting and personally, both actors have set the bar high. However, a comment from the hunger games The actress has caused a huge backlash against actresses.

Jennifer Lawrence gets her facts wrong

Stumbling onto Oscar’s stage, mistaking someone else for the late legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, and drunk on the red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence has at this point mastered the art of making her awkward moments seem sympathetic through her self-deprecating jokes. The Oscar winner has a joke up her sleeve most of the time when she speaks.

However, in the actors about actors interviewLawrence said in all seriousness that she was the first actress to direct an action film.

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And while that may not be enough for Sigourney Weaver, aka the actress who wore this extraterrestrial Franchise on her back to open for Lawrence, the actress has had enough of being mercilessly roasted by Twitter users.

Twitter users complain about Lawrence’s lack of knowledge

That hunger games was definitely a monumental film franchise. And Lawrence’s portrayal of Katniss Everdeen helped make the film as impactful as it became. But for the actress to claim that no other woman had been cast as the lead in an action film before her was ignorance at its finest. And Twitter doesn’t hold back when it sees ignorance or disrespect.

Long before Lawrence was cast as Katniss Everdeen, Sigourney Weaver played the iconic role of Ellen Ripley, and Milla Jovovich effortlessly pulled Alice into it resident Evil.

Fans can’t ignore the fact that Lawrence, a household name associated with the industry, doesn’t know enough about it to falsely claim that she’s the first woman to direct an action film.


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