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StockX has become the Leading global platform for consuming and trading hard-to-find items. Along with the second hand, the resale of premiere pieces is breaking records. In 2021 its growth was exponential, exceeding the 6.5 million buyers, with an increase of those coming from outside the United States of more than 100%. This year it has experienced a growth in transactions of 250%. And during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Weekend has registered record numbers in transactions.

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The ecommerce of resale has positioned itself at the store level on-line second-hand luxury Vestiare Collective and above the mythical ebay. And it is, to this day, the head place in the secondary market where those who know the most about fashion go. Both to sell and earn money, and to buy.

With exclusive collaborations with brands like LC23 and limited runs of highly desired shoe models like the Nike Air Force Ones Low, Nike Dunk Low and Air Jordan 1, its release method offers the opportunity to access items hard-to-find virals and exclusive brand-name products. The key to your success? Its ability to connect buyers and sellers from all over the world through its dynamic pricing mechanism. And a rigorous authentication process similar to Amazon’s.

Among its most desired products, those that accumulate the most transactions are sneakers (New Balance and Adidas sneakers are preferred by Spanish users of the platform). The sneakers from Hoka, those from Puma, and collaborations with brands such as Bodega and Moncler that have experienced sales growth of 3,606%.

Others also stand out such as the Telfar bag, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform (essential this season), the collaboration of Uniqlo with Marni, Yeezy x Gap HoodiesGoyard wallets and bags and the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch collection.

But it is much more than a site for buying and selling shoes and clothing. Beauty, collectibles and technological products are also part of its catalogue.

His first big step into beauty was as the exclusive retail partner of the collaboration. from Revlon with Megan Thee Stallion. In the collectibles category, Hot Wheels and Lego triumph with products such as Hot Wheels with Tesla, Gucci and BAPE and limited release LEGO sets with Formula 1 and Star Wars. In the tech sector, Nothing’s iconic ear(1) made history as the first tech product it launched and the Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 (US Plug) Blu-ray Edition Console is part of your ranking of best sellers

How StockX works

As we have mentioned, the marketplace gives access to coveted products in a smart way. It is bought by bids and prices go up and down depending on demand. That is, sellers see the market value of the items and decide if they want to sell. Buyers and sellers are anonymous. And it can be used from the mobile or the computer.

All the products that are available in StockX are new. The process is simple: buyers see the lowest available sale price and sellers see the highest available purchase offer. A sale begins when a seller and a buyer agree on a price through a buyer’s offer that matches the seller’s request or vice versa.

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How to sell on StockX

To sell on their platform you must first register (a fee is charged for signing up). Once you have done it there are two ways: using the functions “Sell now” (fixed price) or “Ask”. This second option consists of establishing a price according to what users offer. When you receive offers you can accept manually or if the buyer offers one that matches the asking price it will be done automatically.

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For either of the two options, the platform will ask you for the brand and model of the item. And charges you 9.5% of the sale. Of course, as you sell more, this rate goes down.

When you sell something, you must send it to StockX for authentication within two days with the shipping label you’ll receive. You will be paid when they have shipped it to the buyer. You can choose if you prefer to receive it by PayPal, electronic transfer or to a bank account. If your item is not shipped on time, does not have the conditions you have described, or is false, you will not be paid and will be fined.

They take care of everything (photos, descriptions, conversation between buyer/seller. And no returnsOnce you sell, they take care of everything.

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How to buy on StockX

To buy, you must first register. Once you have an account, use the search engine to visit the page of the item that interests you and once there, select your size (each size has a different price). Then if you click on “Place” (buy now), you will buy directly paying the amount that marks with shipping and customs costs. If you decide to use the option “Bid” (make offer)enter the maximum price that you are willing to pay for the item, and in the event that its price reaches the one that we have indicated, it will be purchased automatically.

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Be careful, to win an auction at least you must offer the reserve price. If someone makes a higher one, the platform will notify you by email. At that point, you will have to decide if you want to bid higher or abandon the bid. If your bid amount is the same as someone else’s, the buyer who placed the bid first wins.

You may remove your bid at any time and choose an expiration date from this (7, 10, 14, 30 or 60 days), but when the seller’s offer and bid match, you are already committed to buying. You can do it with credit card, debit card, alipay and paypal. Orders arrive within seven to 12 days.

Tricks to get the most out of buying in StockX

  • Be attentive to the discount codes and offers that they launch.
  • Look at all the sale prices of the product that interests you and look for the lowest.
  • Check the other offers before making yours to make a higher one. It is the way to make sure that the item will be taken by you.
  • Be careful with the sizes and check the equivalencies before buying or try another similar product of the brand in a physical store to make sure.
  • In the release calendar part you can find the next ones to record dates and know the price of the items before they go on sale.
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What do we think after trying it?

Is about a reliable and easy-to-use platform. Worth using when looking for limited or out of stock pieces. I used it to buy the Telfar bag that has been a pure trend since Beyoncé wore it and the experience was very good. The package arrived in perfect condition at my house with the signature packaging and the brand new bag. Yes indeed, you have to watch out for them emails and be patient with the bids or use “buy now” if you don’t have time to do this. It is a good option to get items top at good prices and “playing” in it is a lot of fun.

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