Trevor Noah bids a tearful farewell during the final taping of The Daily Show. +2023

After seven years of hostingThe daily News, Comedian Trevor Noah has officially retired from his late-night routine, He left his audience with a tearful goodbye as he thanked fans and paid tribute to black women in his monologue.

Noah, who took over the Comedy Central show from Jon Stewart in 2015, announced he was leaving his hosting gig earlier this year. During his most recent taping, which aired Thursday night (December 8), Noah dedicated part of the episode to his viewers and said how “grateful” he is to those who have watched him over the years.

“I’m grateful to you — every single one of you,” he told the audience. “I remember when we started the show we couldn’t get enough people to fill an audience.”

He continued, “Then I look at this now and never take it for granted. I appreciate every seat that has ever been occupied to see something I make because I know the empty seat behind it. Thank you to the people watching, sharing the clips, everyone who had an opinion, everyone who was kind and generous enough even if it was criticism.”

Noah even thanked those who “hate,” and joked that he “still has the ratings,” before ending his speech with a “special shout-out” to black women.

“I’ve often been credited with having these great ideas,” he began. “Who do you think teaches me, who do you think formed me, nurtured me, informed me?”

Noah, whose eyes filled with tears, added: “I always tell people if you really want to learn about America, talk to black women. Because unlike everyone else, black women can’t afford to fool around and find out. Black people understand how hard it is when things are going badly.”

during his time The daily News is over, Noah will be busy with his new Netflix special, Trevor Noah: I wish you wouldwhich premiered in late November and its tour which begins in January 2023.

The daily News returns to Comedy Central on January 17. While no permanent replacement for Noah has yet been announced, there will be a rotating door of guest presenters to take his place, including Leslie Jones, Chelsea Handler and Kal Penn, per meeting.

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