Trends in medium length cuts that we will see the most during 2023 +2023

After reviewing the short haircuts that will be trending in 2023, now it is the turn of the long hair. The best thing about this type of mane is its versatility, its length gives a lot of play so it’s perfect for not having to give up up-dos or ponytails, and they have the advantage that they don’t need too much maintenance.

The smoky gold wicks have an anti-aging effect and adapt to all hair bases.

Among the many options that we find: asymmetrical, weathered, paraded, with bangs, without it…, there are some that will clearly be imposed this coming year 2023. For this reason, we wanted to review the styles of medium length hair that we will see the most and that they are also becoming the most demanded in hairdressing salons.

The medium length is the one that rejuvenates the most

One of the great reasons why the medium length is so successful is for that ability to subtract years at once. Surely you have noticed that friend who has always had long hair and suddenly when you see her again you find her with a super fresh image, and all thanks to a medium length. Well, that effect is exactly what we are looking for.

The long hair when getting closer to the face, provide that more girlish and rejuvenating touch, and those who see you with the new look notice it a lot.

What half-length will we see more in 2023?

Undoubtedly the styles that are being imposed the most are, on the one hand the simplest and straightest cuts; and on the other those who have a casual roll that transport us to other times. The next season the textures are protagonists and the asymmetric cuts also according to the length of the mane. And of course the bangs are not going to be missing, because if there is something that takes years off that is the bangs.

The smoky gold wicks have an anti-aging effect and adapt to all hair bases.

Medium length hair with long layers

Paris Str S23 0149

It is a cut that is worn in one piece, below the shoulders and with the slightly blunt tips to give movement and avoid uncontrolled volume on the sides. It is an ideal style for round facesas long as you let see something from the front so that it is not too bushy.

nape bob

This haircut sits at the nape of the neck and is slightly shorter at the back, giving it a lot of movement and a feeling of density. And by leaving the neck area so clear, it stylizes a lot and straight hair and curly hair can look just as good.

the clavicut

Paris Str S23 0091

We have already seen how this season the clavicut medium length has become the most demanded haircut and in 2023 it will continue to be an option due to its anti-aging effect. It is a mane that approaches the clavicles and is characterized by its slightly asymmetrical shape. In addition, fine hair gains extra volume and more movement.

Straight and polished medium length

This cut is straight, without layers and looks polished with a flawless smooth, which makes the hair look thicker and bouncy, especially at the ends where all the weight is. A style that never fails and rejuvenates like few long hair.

Straight and with bangs

Paris Str S23 0188

Straight, smooth hair with bangs. This is how ideal this long midi hair is with a slightly open curtain-type bangs. It suits the faces elongated by the bangs, but also the round ones as it is a open bangs that do not cut the forehead as much.

Mane midis paraded

the manes midis with pointed ends they gain a lot of movement and help a lot to frame the features with locks close to the face. They look beautiful perfectly polished, because in addition to moving the hair more, the light also falls on them a lot.

Style shagyy bob

the manes shaggy We will continue to see them next season and with much more force than this year. The volume at the top and more gradient towards the tips Provides a very special and rejuvenating contour to the face. The version Bob This haircut is much more elegant and fresh, and in the case of long hair it can give a feeling of poor hair.

Shaggy long bob with bangs

It’s about a shaggy soft and with a length close to the clavicle that takes us back to the 70s. long bob adds volume and a modern touch which is reinforced by asymmetrical and paraded bangs. It is perfect for fine and medium hair, and flatters long or oval faces.

Ultra weathered for wavy hair

A midi hair with short layers They greatly frame the face and create perfect volume for wavy textured hair. It is a hair style that refreshes the image and provides extra volume. In addition, to rejuvenate even more, I could add a good job of wicks such as the wicks shatush that revive the natural color and provide a lot of light.

Half butterfly mane

The 70s also sneak into this hair style that reminds us so much of Charlie’s angels. The short cape and paraded to the sides creates that effect of butterfly wings, for this theThe top layer should be separate from the bottom layer. and create that beautiful winged touch.

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