Trends in hair colors that we will see and desire the most in 2023 +2023

Beyond the hairstyles that will succeed in 2023, or the haircuts that will undoubtedly be in trend, sometimes what our hair really needs is a change of color. Because despite the fact that a good haircut can completely change our hair, it is true that the coloring, either as highlights or completely, It is the best way to illuminate and revive dull hair..

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For next year the brown and chocolate tones with different shades they will be very top, and we are already seeing how many celebrities like Dakota Johnson or Hailey Bieber have surrendered to these shades. The blondes certainly continue but in a creamier and brighter version. And even the red tones They are strongly imposed in versions as beautiful as they are elegant.

sandy blonde

The sandy blond It is a slightly golden beige, which looks great on those hair that seek to lighten some tones and illuminate, such as dark blondes or chestnuts. The best technique to apply this tonality is balayage waves mousy hair because with both very natural results are achieved and perfectly emulate the reflections that the sun leaves on the hair.

vanilla blonde

It is one of the most luminous blondes and next season we will see it a lot. The vanilla blonde It is a very bright and flattering tone, which is why it is one of the most desired blondes. It is creamy and manages to illuminate the hair a lot, and even the face if we bet on the highlights money piece. This blonde has a warm spot unlike an ash blonde or platinum blonde.


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What most attracts the attention of this shade of hair is the healthy luminosity that it provides and that juiciness created with different shades. That’s why the brunette It is a very rich and deep chestnut, perfect to revive those manes that have lost both the intensity of color and shine. Its warm tone looks great on both blondes and brunettes and its application in the form of highlights gives it a very special dimension and light. One of the best techniques is balayage are used caramel, chocolate and hazelnut tones.

spicy cinnamon

the tonality spicy cinnamon It is another of the tones that are imposed for 2023. It is a very sensual and fun color, which is halfway between brown and orange, so it provides warmth with a spicier touch. Brown or brunette bases are the ones that will look the most favored, but also blondes if they are looking for a less cold shade. Also, this shade looks great with highlights. melting either balayage.

chestnut noisette

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The deep chestnuts like hazelnut, without a doubt they become very protagonists. They are perfect for those looking for dark hair but with a lot of life and despite being a fairly intense color we can appreciate that it has a subtle warm touch that is ultra-flattering. If we are looking for the mane to look as wonderful as Dakota Jhonson’s with subtle reflections, without a doubt we recommend the shatush wicks that are ultra natural Y They blend great with the rest of the hair.

hazelnut redhead

After seeing Cara Delevingne’s wonderful red hair color, we have no doubt that this shade is going to succeed. It’s about a hazel redhead that brings a lot of sweetness and is incredibly sensual. This year we have already seen that redheads have begun to gain prominence but it will be this coming year when we will see more coppery hair.

Amarena Cherry

Another redhead tonality that prevails is the amarena cherry, just because of the hair color that actress Sophie Turner has opted for. This color that resembles this type of cherry has a plum-colored point with that cold touch that makes him so mysterious. So it’s a mix of red, brown and plum It looks great on dark, brown or light brown hair.

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