Transitional hairstyles: Stylish through the waiting time

Transitional hairstyles: Stylish through the waiting time +2023

let the hairstyle grow out With these transitional hairstyles you look stylish in the waiting time

Alexa Chung with Outgrown Bob

Alexa Chung with Outgrown Bob

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Short or long? That’s the question you keep asking yourself. Today this, tomorrow that. These hairstyles for the transition come in handy, after all they also make the “in between” quite attractive.

If you wear them long, you want them short. Anyone who has just grabbed the scissors mourns the loss of their long mane. We often want what we don’t have right now. When it comes to hairstyling, this is usually problematic, because while it is easy to go from long to short, the opposite way takes – in the truest sense of the word – a little longer. Transitional hairstyles can help if they are as handsome as the ones we present to you here.

The Outgrown Bob

The bob hairstyle remains one of the most popular. Whether in a short or long version, with a straight contour or a slightly more casual cut. Now we’ve discovered a whole new twist that not only looks super cool, but bridges the gap between long and short hair. The so-called “outgrown bob” is exactly what the name says. One thing the trend hairstyle mustn’t do is look like it was freshly cut.

A bit too long for a classic bob, but not a long hairstyle yet. The “Outgrown Bob” reaches about to the shoulder, the hair is just long enough to tie it together.

The Shag Cut

The “Shag Cut” is perfect for those who want to grow out a very short hairstyle. If the hair has grown past the ear, the “shag” is ideal. The lengths are cut in stages and fringed. Styled with a little hair wax, the cut looks particularly good in the undone look. A pony also goes perfectly with this.

The “Clavi Cut”

The “Clavi Cut” gets its name from the English word for collarbone. That’s where the hair ends. This makes the cut perfect for those who want to grow out a longer bob.

Clavi Cut a Alexa Chung

Clavi Cut a Alexa Chung

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Alexa Chung is a good example of the “Clavi Cut”, she wears her hair sometimes shorter, sometimes longer and looks stylish in between. The same applies here: less styling is more, a little structure is allowed.

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