Too Hot to Handle Sophie Stonehouse Age, Instagram, TikTok and more +2023

We get to know the many sexy singletons in the world Too hot to touch Season 4 is cast, and next is British babe Sophie Stonehouse.

Sophie only had a long-term relationship because she struggles with commitment. Since her relationship ended, Sophie has found solace in casual affairs and dating rather than investing in anything serious. But can Lana help her change her behavior and really connect with someone in the new season?

Find out more about Sophie Stonehouse below, including her age, ethnicity, social media and more!

Sophie Stonehouse age

It is not clear when Sophie’s exact birthday is, but she is 22 years old, which means that she was born in the year 2000. Sophie is from Brighton, UK.

Sophie Steinhaus Instagram

Sophie’s Instagram really proves what a bombshell she is, with dozens of gorgeous snaps of the 22-year-old hanging out with friends and gallivanting around the world in places like Bali, Thailand and more. Most of the photos on her feed are selfies, but she likes to mix them up with fun images from her recent travels that showcase her decadent meals and adventures.

Right now, Sophie has a relatively modest following, just under 7,000 followers, but we’re sure that number will increase once people start seeing Sophie in it Too hot to touch Season 4. Several of Sophie’s castmates interact with her posts including Kayla Richart, Seb Melrose, James Pendergrass, Creed McKinnon and more.

You can follow Sophie on Instagram @sophiestonehouse.

Sophie Stonehouse TikTok

How many of her Too hot to touch co-stars, Sophie has a TikTok. She doesn’t have many videos on her profile yet, but she has shared some teasers for the new season. you can follow her @sophiedeanstonehouse.

Sophie Stonehouse job

According to her bio, Sophie works as an events manager in the UK. Event managers are responsible for the organization and smooth running.

Meet Sophie Too hot to touch Season 4 when it premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, December 7th.

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