Too Hot To Handle Dominique Defoe’s Age, Instagram, TikTok, Job and more +2023

Dominique Defoe is ready to find her next love interest! This beautiful computer science student from Colorado is one of several new cast members in the upcoming season of Netflix’s sizzling reality series Too hot to touch. We’re getting to know the cast ahead of Season 4 premieres, and Dominique is next on our list.

Get to know Dominique below as we share her age, social media, job and more.

Dominique Defoe Alter

Dominique’s date of birth is not currently available online but we know that she is 23 years old which means she must have been born in 2001. Dominique is from Colorado.

Dominique Defoe Instagram

You can follow Dominique on Instagram @dominiquedefoe. Dominique’s feed is full of stunning selfies and the occasional full-body snap.

It also looks like she has several pictures from professional photo shoots and she likes to share pictures from her various adventures and hangouts with friends. Based on her highlight roles, it looks like Dominique is an avid reader and loves to dance! She has also recently toured places like London and New York.

Season 4’s cast seems to have remained tight after filming, with many of Dominique’s castmates interacting with her post.

Currently, Dominique has a modest following of nearly 6,000 followers. Once the new season of Too Hot to Handle airs, we’re sure that number will increase significantly.

Dominique Defoe TikTok

Dominique seems to be more active on TikTok and has built a significant following there with more than 139.4k followers. We can see why she has so many followers there as she regularly shares relatable content and enjoys posting GRWM videos which her fans seem to enjoy. You can follow Dominique on TikTok @dominiquedefoe_.

Dominique Defoe job

Dominique is currently a student. She is studying computer science at the university.

See Dominique in action, though Too hot to touch Season 4 starts on December 7th.

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