TikTok trend: menstrual blood as a mask – that’s why it can be dangerous

TikTok trend: menstrual blood as a mask – that’s why it can be dangerous +2023

TikTok trend Menstrual blood as a mask: why this trend can be dangerous

TikTok trend: menstrual blood as a mask: why this trend can be dangerous

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: TikTok trend: menstrual blood as a mask – more dangerous than expected +++ Joint collection by Barbour and Chloé +++ The ultimate hairstyle for prominent cheekbones.

Current fashion and beauty news in the BRIGITTE ticker:

December 9, 2022

A mask made of menstrual blood? Expert explains the risks of the viral TikTok trend

Some questionable beauty tips for our appearance are circulating on the internet. But one of them definitely goes too far for us: quite a few people on TikTok are currently smearing their faces with period blood. Yes, you heard that right, period blood! What sounds almost too bizarre to be true is a viral internet trend and is being carried out by users of the platform to take care of their skin. The thought behind the treatment is that rich nutrients such as magnesium or zinc are contained in the blood and are supplied to the skin in a completely natural way.

However, the trend is not necessarily to be recommended. Negin Pakravesh, doctor for dermatology and aesthetic medicine in Hamburg, explains: “The vaginal and anus are close together, which means that bacteria can be found in the menstrual blood taken. Smearing them on your face is not necessarily good for the skin”. Especially with small open wounds and inflammation, the expert sees a further risk of inflammation and therefore advises against it. Above all, the special mask is “not really effective either”. Although blood in purified PRP form can stimulate cell regeneration, it is to be expected that this effect will not occur if taken directly from the vagina.

Even if there are no studies that speak for or against the trend, we prefer not to do it. And we are excited to see which beauty trend will take over the video platform next…

December 7, 2022

Barbour and Chloé launch a joint collection

What do the brands Barbour and Chloé have in common? A long tradition: The British brand Barbour was founded in 1894 and, with its iconic waxed jackets, is not only popular with members of the royal family. The French fashion house Chloé was founded in Paris in 1952. Their new joint capsule collection now brings together French charm with British textiles and puts a feminine touch on classic Barbour jackets. Under the creative direction of Chloé Creative Director Gabriella Hearst, a jacket, cape and coat were designed, along with some accessories.

The waxed Barbour x Chloè "Dany"-A coat.

The Barbour x Chloè “Dany” waxed coat.

© Barbour / PR

For Chloé’s Gabriela Hearst, the Barbour jackets have a very special meaning: both her father and stepfather wore the jackets while working on the family ranch in Uruguay.

The Barbour x Chloe "Edith"-bag in black.

The Barbour x Chloè “Edith” bag in black.

© Barbour / PR

The collection is priced between 370 and 2,800 euros and is available on matchesfashion.com, in Chloé stores and in the Barbour online shop.

December 6, 2022

Simple trick: the hairstyle ensures a slim face

Distinctive chariot bones are considered the ideal of beauty for women. Many people need several hours in the bathroom and expensive cosmetic products for a supposedly perfectly contoured face. But that’s over now, because with this styling hack everyone can easily stage their car bones without make-up. What does it take? A new hairstyle styling! Big sweeping waves do the trick. Stars like Lucy Hale also go for this look.

You can easily use a curling iron or a flat iron for the style. The curls must be turned away from the face so that the cheeks are optimally emphasized – and the simple but expressive look is perfect.

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