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Soria has a lot to offer: nature, heritage, gastronomy… However, it is unknown to many travelers who still have yet to discover this inland jewel. A star destination for Getaways where you don’t have to worry about large crowds and enjoy the purest air. Whether in its charming towns or in its capital, come rain or shine.

Three restaurants to eat well in Soria without breaking the bank

Visit to the museum of poets

Interior House of the Poets Soria 6


On the third floor of the Círculo Amistad Numancia Casino, an emblematic building of the city and of great architectural and cultural value, which has also been frequented by poets since its inception, in the mid-19th century, is this museum. An exhibition and interactive space dedicated to the great lyricists who sang Soria: Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Antonio Machado and Gerado Diego. In this way, the visitor can get closer to the poetry of these great poets, not only through their verses and their objects, but also through images and sounds that recreate the space and time in which they lived.

Eat the best torreznos with denomination

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The torreznos are a strip of bacon fried or sautéed in a pan or toasted on a grill, always with its skin on. So that they are crispy and golden and are usually eaten as a tapa (accompanying a beer or wine) or as a garnish with patatas a lo pobre, la vol and machaconas and revolconas potatoes. Since 2013, Torrezno de Soria has declared the guarantee mark of Castilla y León so we could consider it the capital of this snack. The Bar Patata, at number one in Plaza San Clemente, serves the 2022 winning torrezno tapa. Its secret is that it comes pickled.

Journey to the past in Villa Romana La Dehesa

Roman Villa La Dehesa


A 20-minute drive from the center of Soria, in Las Cuevas de Soria, an essential historical place is located. A site, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, in which the work undertaken by Blas Taracena in 1928 and which brought to light an archaeological complex in which highlight the artistic quality of some sumptuous geometric mosaics. The villa occupies about 4,000 m2, presenting a rectangular plan organized around a large central landscaped space. It has a series of original architectural structures, a thermal complex and more than thirty rooms of different sizes, many of which have not been exactly ascertained for their use.

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