Three easy and healthy recipes ready in less than 20 minutes and ideal to take to the office +2023

We put ourselves in context. Imagine that tomorrow is Monday, you are exhausted because your weekend has been wonderful and you haven’t even been home, but you have to take your food to the office or university tomorrow, because eating healthy is essential in your life and it is not you can spend more money in the cafeteria. It’s late, you’re tired and the last thing you want to do is cook.

But there is a quick, healthy and easy option to solve it, using at most 20 minutes for it. We propose you three alternatives: a salad, an easy stew and a spoon dish that your grandmother would be proud of. Here you have easy and healthy recipes to take to the office in a taper and that any of your companions feel healthy envy when they see you.

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Lékué Container for cooking Quinoa, Rice and Cereals, 1 Liter, Green Color

Lékué Container for cooking Quinoa, Rice and Cereals, 1 Liter, Green Color

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easy chicken curry

In just 10 minutes we can have the Chicken curry easiest ever. The best thing is that we can include it in our batch cooking weekly because It is very quick to do and can solve several meals of the week. The key is in the mix of spices, but if we don’t have time we can directly use curry bought at any supermarket.

Chickpeas with calamari

Chickpeas with squid

We might think that making a legume stew takes more time, but it will not be like that if what we use are preserves to make them, and these chickpeas with calamari They are just the proof of it. It will not take us more than 20 minutes to have a seafood stew, full of flavor and very healthy. Of course, prepare artisan bread because this great dish calls for dipping.

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