Three different ways to combine a knitted vest and face the cold wave with (a lot) of style

Three different ways to combine a knitted vest and face the cold wave with (a lot) of style +2023

Knitted vests burst back into the fashion world a couple of seasons ago, adding retro touches to our closet bottom. Far from disappearing, this piece secures a place in the future of our winter looks, demonstrating the versatility it possesses. The street style has surrendered to this garment so cooland teaches us different ways to combine it.

Seven street style looks to go simple and elegant that could inspire you this season

How to wear a knit vest

Knowing that this piece can be combined with whatever you want (over a dress, as a sweater or even replacing a dress), street style gives us new ideas in case our inspiration has closed for holidays.

Knitted vest with shirt, a classic that never goes out of style

There are classics that never go out of style, and this is how the fashionable girls show us. Wearing a knitted vest over a classic shirt, this combination becomes the winner.

How to Combine Punto Vest 02

To opt for a more style girly, the combination is dressed with a pleated skirt below the knees that provides a cool college vibe. Classic but with a different twist, the accessories -as well as the footwear- are responsible for adding the icing on the cake.

How to Combine Punto Vest 03

A knit vest with a schoolgirl skirt

The schoolgirl style is once again taking street style by storm, and fashionable girls are once again inspired by the novel looks of Cher Horowitz (aka Alicia Silverstone in Clueless). Bella Hadid was one of the first to wear this combination to later revitalize it in street style: knitted vests combine perfectly with a checkered skirt (a la Rigoberta Bandini).

How to Combine Knitted Vest 04

The perfect garment for the halftime season

Knowing that the halftime season is now part of the past, knitted vests are perfect for those days when it is neither cold nor hot. However, if we want to adapt them to today we can wear them as a top and a good coat on top that protects us from the cold or even on top of a thermal shirt.

How to Combine Punto Vest 05

With boyfriend jeans or wide leg pants, these types of vests have been designed to succeed.

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