Three bob haircuts for thin and thin hair that will make a difference in your hair +2023

When you have fine hair, what you want most is to have thicker, thicker hair. To do this, we find a lot of tricks and products that add volume to fine hair, and that undoubtedly change the hair completely. But the first step we must focus on is choosing and the right haircut for this type of hair.

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Among the cuts that work best, there are medium lengths such as bo and long midi lengths, and it is better to avoid too long hair that all they will do is add weight, and the hair will look more flattened and shapeless. In addition, short hair is very practical and versatile and does not require much maintenance.

Straight midi length without layers

This type of mane is super stylish and one of the best options for fine hair. As it is a mane without layers, density is not lost but you do gain more body. In addition, it is so versatile that as a mane It can be worn in many ways: ultra smooth if we are looking for a lot of movement, with waves that add volume and sophistication, or textured for a more casual look.

Bob short chop

It looks a lot like a short bob classic but the bob chop It is much more casual and jovial. in this kind of Bob it is a cut at jaw level and the ends are paraded. To add volume, you can play with the texture of the ends and lift the hair from the roots with a light backcombing and fix with lacquer.

Windy Bob

Another proposal that never fails is the mane windy bob. It’s a haircut adds a lot of volume and at the same time it makes the hair always look perfectly groomed. What is tried with this style is that it seems that the hair is airy, hence its name and that voluminous style. For this, in addition to cutting, it is important to work the hair from the roots with brush and dryer, fluffing and slightly combing the ends inwards.

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