This superhero saved “Superman” Henry Cavill from mental problems +2023

Henry Cavill is perhaps one of the most important superheroes in the DC Extended Universe. He’s also a strong pillar in an industry that feeds on other people’s opinions, but there have been many times that the actor has had to cut corners himself. While the first superhero that comes to mind when thinking of Henry Cavill is a broad-shouldered, blue-eyed Superman, the actor has someone else in mind.

Cavill’s favorite superhero isn’t a broad-shouldered, red-robed, blue-eyed man, but actually a black-furred American Akita named Karl El. The two boys are the cutest best friends. And the fact that they were inseparable even during it The Witcher The Season 2 promotions are a testament to that fact. Like many of us, the superstar also turns to his dog for mental support. And lives up to his name, his puppy never lets him down.

Henry Cavill credits his dog for his mental well-being

The actor had his dog at every pivotal moment in his career. The dog saw Cavill grow into a movie star. And even when the actor had a difficult time in his career, Karl was by his side. About taking his dog with him when he was promoted Justice League accept “My dog ​​was my savior‘ in his interview with Lucy Jones, fans have seen his pooch growing up with him.

So it comes as no shock when Cavill said: “He really is my best friend“.

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The actor further added: “We go everywhere together. He’s 8 now and has saved my emotional and psychological flab many times” during promotion The Witcher Season 2. If you haven’t noticed, Cavill’s dog was named after the great Superman.

And we can all imagine Karl El being the first to know about Cavill’s DC return. Cavill has been raising his dog since he was just ten weeks old. And now, at the age of 9, Karl is just as pimped as his owner. So it’s safe to say that Karl is Cavill’s favorite child, closely followed by his giant PC.

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