This Spanish hairdresser has the secret to leaving your hair long and avoiding split ends +2023

Anyone who wants to leave the long hair and show off healthy hair, you will know what to make it grow and maintain the length without the ends splitting without losing hair length, it is not an easy task. However, there is a spanish hairdresser who has the secret to show off long hair with sealed ends without losing the length.

thickening cut and hair dusting

The hair dusting It is a technique that many hair experts put into practice and that the Spanish hairdresser Moncho Moreno practices in his salon regularly and much more now to his clients to thicken and clean your mane in autumn. “With the hair dusting Y thickening cut what is sought is to adapt your type of hair to your head. And the result is that it costs you as little as possible to manage your hair after the cut, at which point, as the stylist himself assures, “it only works because it is a very technical haircut, very studied and very balanced”.

For healthier hair

This type of technique is ideal for achieving a hair looking a lot healthier and soft. And consists of “dust the hair or cut just the surface eliminating split ends and restoring the mane to result in healthier hair by cutting the bottom of each strand to remove the tip of the damaged mane but without compromising the length or thickness of the hair. First of all, the hair must be straightened so that the split ends stubborn stick out and show through and then with sharp scissors, they’re removed like lint from your favorite coat. And besides, it’s the only true way to prevent split hair from continuing to split, resulting in a poorer mane.

The advantages of hair dusting

The technique of hair dusting It is excellent for anyone who wants to grow their hair longer and grow better or even keep that length that you like. Because it eliminates damaged dry ends and enhances the health of your hair. In addition, it works on all types of hair, that’s when putting it into practice with your hairdresser, you should straighten your hair so that the damaged and open ends are eliminated correctly.

Healthier hair growth

The hair dusting it is also a way to promote healthier hair growth. Not only does it improve the appearance of the hair, leaving it with a smooth and healthy appearance with spectacular shine but can also help you control frizz.

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