This shampoo with biotin and a Spanish seal is ideal if you suffer from hair loss in autumn +2023

There is nothing that worries me more than hair loss with my short hair and in that sense, I’m always looking for the best hair loss treatments that come to the newsroom. And in addition to betting on the nutricosmetics and hair loss gummies that work to combat this lack of nutrients and boost the strength and growth of my hair, I just tried a shampoo with biotin and a Spanish seal that works great if you want to prevent hair loss in autumn and also give it an extra shine and strength to your mane. And the truth is that after using it for weeks, I have noticed amazing and visible results.

I accompany this ritual with blisters, supplements or a good shampoo and this last option is the one we propose. And it is that, the beauty firm of hairdressers, Eva Professionalwhich also celebrates no less than 100 years of experience in salons around the world, I have one of the best shampoos to combat our seasonal hair loss and also give it an extra strength and shine to your hairmaintains your hair color and leaves it smooth and frizz-free.

We are talking about a brand whose success continues to this day and has bestseller who praise the hairdressers Y hair professionals from all over the world and have turned this shampoo we are talking about into a sure success and now with an improved formula, which is well worth trying.

It’s one of my favorite hair products this fall and I don’t doubt its effectiveness as it uses natural active ingredients that enhance the health of your hair. We talk about Vitamin Recharge Orangea cleansing balm with vitamins with multiple benefits. With its frequent use, I notice that my hair is less greasy because it normalizes the scalp and is thicker and healthier. And also, I love it because it does not add weight to my fine hair and it does not contain sulfates, parabens, silicones or allergens.

What ingredients is it made with?

This shampoo contains a true cocktail of active ingredients and vitamins, but its star ingredients are undoubtedly these two:

Biotin: that stimulates cell duplication of the skin and hair.

Panthenol: nourishes the hair and works by recovering damaged hair with a protective film that keeps it hydrated, shinier, softer and easier to comb, reducing split ends.

Eva Professional Vitamin Recharge Orange Washing Balm

For sale exclusively at and hairdressers (17.27 euros, 500 ml)

A shampoo with a vitaminized formula that gives your hair body, shine, strength and volume and also takes care of your scalp, even if it is oily. Without sulfates, parabens and silicones.

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