This Mercadona anti-dark circles concealer has gone viral because it instantly rejuvenates the look and does not mark wrinkles +2023

Mercadona has once again made one of its beauty products go viral. After Tik Tok’s favorite Deliplus matte lipstick, now it’s the turn of the ear correcter which has become one of the best-selling products of the famous supermarket chain.

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The genius of this concealer is that it is a concealer with treatment, so helps treat dark circles and puffiness while it camouflages the dark tone of the dark circles and illuminates the entire contour. This latest discovery that has crazy beauty addict is he Deliplus Hydra Vital Concealer.

Probably my favorite thing about this concealer is that effect of good face instantly. You just have to apply a little product around the contour and see how the face changes completelythe look wakes up and rejuvenates thanks to its anti-aging effect. Since whoever tries it, he says that it is capable of hiding wrinkles and expression lines due to its blurring effect, and on the other hand, the product does not mark wrinkles, and that is saying a lot.

Concealer Mercadona

In addition, it not only beautifies but also provides a lot of hydration. It has hyaluronic acid so it’s perfect for those who have dry skin or tend to see their concealer crack. And of course, for those who seek anti-aging results.

And for all these benefits it has quickly become a highly desired product. Its formula is light, moisturizing and leaves a natural and luminous finish. It can find in two shades to better adapt to different skin tones and Has a metal applicator which is great for treating dark circles due to the cold effect and decongesting the area. Something that we will enhance if we keep it in the refrigerator.

But it can also be applied with your fingers to integrate the product. Always better with ascending touches, a highly recommended gesture to improve the circulation of the contour. Its price is only 5 euroswhich takes you directly to our list of the most desired of Mercadona.

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