this is the trick hairstyle that makes it look shorter +2023

We know that changes looks of Queen Letizia are always subtle and very elegant. On this occasion she is too, but with the hairstyle that has been done it seems that it is a trendy medium length cut and it has caused a huge stir. we tell you how did you manage to fake this hair midis.

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What has done the royal is to cleanse the ends with a straight cut, ideal for giving more volume and body to the hair in a sophisticated way and mature. So why does it seem so much shorter? The key is in that wave hairstyle that the queen has worn.

letizia haircut

What Doña Letizia has done has been comb your hair in tight waves, which create a visual effect of shorter hair at the height of the clavicle. Something very easy to achieve with a good curling iron that helps to mark well and give movement to the hair.

letizia haircut

This way of refreshing your hair is a ideal way to change looks if you don’t like to get your feet out of the pot and if you only want to maintain the quality of the hair, clean it and take care of it. If you are one of those who is afraid of using scissors, take note of Queen Letizia’s trick and bet on curling it with tongs to see it temporarily shorter.

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