This is the painful reason why Matthew Perry cannot see “Friends” again (and that it has gone viral on social networks) +2023

No matter how many years pass, Friends remains one of the favorite television series of all time (although it is not in the ranking of the best Netflix series since it is not on the platform). Its plots, its characters and its situations are capable of making us laugh hundreds of times every time we see one of its old chapters. Although the sitcom broadcast its last chapter on May 6, 2004, the actors who gave life to the characters are still present in our day to day. Matthew PerryChandler Bing in the series, has just confessed the reason why can’t watch Friends again.

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The reason why Matthew Perry will not see “Friends” again

Opening up like never before in an interview with Tom Power, the actor has not hesitated to share some harsh statements that soon went viral on the RRSS. In it he assures that he cannot see the series again since he cannot face himself in each of the chapters.

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Matthew Perry was one of the protagonists of Friends, and during its ten seasons the actor became addicted to alcohol and drugs. His addiction was such that he even had to be admitted to a detox clinic.

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The reason the actor can’t watch the series again is that in each of the seasons the actor can tell what drug he was hooked on at the time just by appearance. “Drink, opiates, drink, cocaine… I could tell season after season what drug I was hooked on just by how I look. I don’t think anyone else can see it, but I can. That’s why I don’t want to see him again.”

Although the interview came out a couple of weeks ago, the RRSS have begun to react in the last few hours.

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