This is the Mercadona perfume that is sweeping sales and promises to be the perfect gift this Christmas +2023

Mariah Carey already announced it just at the end of Halloween: Christmas arrives when her famous Christmas carol begins to play, and with it the purchases to prepare the gifts and not leave them until the last minute. If this 2022 the budget is limited but you do not want to stop surprising us for this, Mercadona presents us with a perfume that is sweeping sales and it is perfect for the occasion. Intense but soft, its aroma will make anyone fall in love.

This is the lip contour that is sweeping Mercadona with a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect

What does Éclat Shine smell like, the new Mercadona perfume perfect to give away this Christmas

As the supermarket chain has accustomed us to, this new fragrance has an unbeatable value for money. It comes in an elegant bottle that is dressed in a bicolor gradient of fuchsia/purple and blue. With marshmallow and black raspberry as protagonists in its olfactory pyramid, Éclat Shine comes from the oriental family.

New Mercadona Christmas Perfume

It is a light perfume with a lot of personality, it is one of those fragrances that leave a mark and make a difference. Knowing that comparisons are odious, this fragrance resembles (but not entirely) Escada’s Moon Sparkle perfume.

@eltocadordezeltia It has already reached #Mercadona the new Limited Edition perfume for this Christmas! I’ll tell you everything!: ⚜️ Eclat Shine for Her is an Eau de Parfum (not Cologne Water) that comes in 100ml, is manufactured by the @rnbcosmeticos laboratories in Valencia and is priced at €12. ⚜️ The predominant smell is clearly fruity (red fruits) with oriental olfactory notes and a slight floral touch. Sweet, intense, it does not go unnoticed! Personally, these types of perfumes are not super sensual, sexy… (personal taste). ⚜️ Original packaging that makes it perfect for giving or self-gifting. The small bottle is made of two-tone glass degraded in purple and blue. ⚜️ According to the @trendisima blog, the perfume that most closely resembles it is Escada’s Moon Sparkle (I don’t have it and I can’t compare it, but the tones on the packaging are identical, changing the order of the gradient). This perfume, which is priced at around €60, has notes of red fruits, as happens with the Mercadona perfume with a heart of freesia, jasmine and rose and base notes of raspberry, musk, sandalwood and amber. Based on Trendisima’s description of this perfume and having Mercadona’s in my hands, I assure you that if you like Escada’s you will LOVE it, regardless of whether they are “clones” or not… ⚜️ Duration on my skin: i applied it to neck and wrists in the morning and you can still smell it. This depends a lot on the skin of each one, the ph, hydration, etc… For me, more than acceptable and more considering its price. I like it? I do not love it. We already know that in olfactory tastes there is a world of possibilities but I recommend that on your next visit to your Mercadona you try it on before making the purchase and before going to pay… smell it again. It is the best way to know if a perfume is made for you. In my case Eclat Shine For Her has my name… ❤️ Leave me in the comments if you have already smelled it and your first impressions! #fragrance #Deliplus #noveltymercadona ♬ BORN FOR THIS – Foxxi

Manufactured by RNB laboratories, it comes in a 100ml container and is for sale by 12 euros. In limited edition, the supermarket chain once again revolutionizes the world of cosmetics. After sweeping the Evening Primrose oil or Mercadona retinol, this perfume could be sold out sooner than expected.

Photos | instagram @rosalia.vtMercadona

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