This is the Mercadona anti-aging beauty ritual with a Jade roller and Botox effect +2023

You have to see the amount of news that is leaving us lately Mercadona And we couldn’t help but talk about the latest one that has arrived at the supermarket chain’s perfumery and that has convinced us a lot. to be able to show off skin since it attacks wrinkles head-on.

Mercadona's anti-hair loss shampoo under examination according to experts

My Moment 1053

Is named My Moment Face, a ritual effect “Botox-Like” that prevents expression lines and helps reduce wrinkles for skin that is soft to the touch, smooth and rejuvenated.

It is made up of four serums that are applied night and day, with four easily absorbed textures that have anti-wrinkle activity on the skin.

My Moment 1055 1

Thus, it all starts with the first session using Serum 1 morning and night for 7 days, which has fill effect and as active ingredients, sweet black tea stands out.

Then, we would apply serum 2, 3 and 4 for seven consecutive days to finish a full month. Regarding the effects, the 2 has character epidermal stimulator thanks to the oligosaccharides, the 3 is remineralizing and a natural exfoliant thanks to mother of pearl and the 4 is a dermal restorative Loaded with amino acids and vitamins.

My Moment 1057

The ritual is completed with a jade roller, or rather Nephrite, with which we will get the corresponding massage that will help the active ingredients to penetrate the skin, smoothing and preventing expression lines.

Come on, a very complete kit that is worth it and that only costs 13 euro.

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Photos | @sarafructuoso and brand

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