This is the hairdresser’s trick to give (much) volume to fine hair +2023

if we talk about haircuts trend, there are many, but if we look for those who have become the hairdressers favorite to give volume to fine hair are without a doubt the haircuts with invisible layers the absolute protagonists that experts recommend. And it is that these have the advantage that are more subtle than traditional layered cuts (especially for the most fragile and fine hair that do not want to lose density Y boost hair volume).

The effect of invisible layered cuts is much smoother and less obvious than layered haircuts As the shag or the Rachel what was he wearing Jennifer Aniston in friends. Plus, invisible layers are easier to style and add texture to your hair or even create that messy look when you want it. Even if you dare to make a ponytail or leave a few strands in your loose hair with a touch of texturizer to enhance the effect.

The secret of the cut to invisible layers

The advantage of invisible layer cuts is that frame the face with very soft layers and subtle around the face and soften the features and cheekbones. We are used to the fact that the word “layers” is not the most desired in the hairdresser because many of us want a full and long mane. But for hairdressers, it is necessary to give movement to the hair to make it look healthy and alive, and for this, this technique is perfect for all those hair that need volume without being noticeable. This cut is used to degrade the mane subtly without showing straight cuts, strategically cutting alternate strands from the inside of the hair so that they get give the desired volume and lightness obtaining a visually more even mane without cutting the upper part of the hair too much so that it does not look so poor.

4 ways to wear invisible layers

wavy medium length

The medium length hair at chest height how do they look kaia gerber with invisible layers allow you to wear them smooth with movement or with waves soft with texture And it is that the light and invisible layers frame the face and fall just below the jaw although we could also bet on longer layers in the hair to balance them.

curly hair with invisible layers

While curly locks already have beautiful curl texture and volume, a curl-by-curl invisible layering cut can also help enhance your shape and lighten the weight. Because even though Emili Sindlev has shorter locks that frame her face, her layers fall at different lengths to give her hair more movement.

Invisible layers for XXL long hair

Very long hair can look a bit flat when it’s only one length, but wearing long invisible layers can give it more movement.

Shag with invisible layers

The shag with invisible layers of Suki Waterhouse It is ideal for giving volume to your hair but in the most subtle way because it has less obvious layers than with the purest shag cut. Just add a touch of texturizing spray and achieve that cool messy effect with ease.

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